Fake Primark store opens in Dubai

Usually when someone decides to knock off a brand, they choose something the average man or woman can’t afford.

In Dubai however, counterfeiters decided to target monster budget retail chain Primark.

A fake version of the biggest discount store in Europe opened in Bur Dubai on Bank Street this week, offering goods under the Primark label and parading itself as the big budget brand from Britain.

The store boasts two floors for shopping and is packed with clothes that resemble Primark's trademark inexpensive T-shirts, underwear and socks.

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Primark have denied opening a store in the UAE and sent Abu Dhabi-based newspaper The National a statement that they were seeking legal action against the company running the bogus store 

"We are aware that there is a store in Dubai that purports to be part of our group," the UK retailer said.

"Primark does not operate any stores there and this is not, therefore, a legitimate Primark store. The company is considering its legal options as a matter of urgency."

The owners of the fake store couldn’t be reached for comment, according to The National. However, staff at the store confirmed the clothing they were selling and the look of the brand were based on the high street discount shop from the UK.

Twitter was abuzz with the news of a Primark opening in the UAE on Monday. Some excitable Tweets read:

"Omg Primark is opening in Dubai? MUST GO THERE EVERY WEEKEND," said one user.

"The best thing about dubai has to be the shopping , were even gaining a primark #shopaholic," said another.

"Primark in Dubai! #lifeiscomplete," wrote another user.

Currently, Primark is the biggest retailer in Europe and has 235 stores across the UK, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Belgium.