You Can, In Fact, Make A Whole Cookie From All Of The Dough In Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Kelly Allen
·1-min read

From Delish

If, on a list of wonders keeping you up at night, you mull over whether or not the cookie dough pieces in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s could form a single cookie, you’re about to find solace in a viral TikTok. Yes, someone took out all of the dough and baked it to see the result.

TikToker @gabesco removed every piece of cookie dough from a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream after microwaving it first, of course. The creator then mashed all of the pieces together and put the ball of dough in the oven for 12 minutes to see what would happen. The dough did, in fact, bake into a delicious-looking cookie.

People have a lot to say about this video in the comments. One person suggested baking all of the tiny dough pieces to get really small cookies instead. I presume those would then be eaten with the ice cream or in a bowl with milk. Others suggested making the cookie then putting the ice cream on top of it while it’s still warm.

For all those unaware, Ben & Jerry's actually sells bags of cookie dough. The company's frozen cookie dough chunks are safe to eat raw and come in various flavours to snack on. In theory, you could let a bag of the cookie dough bites thaw a bit, mash them together, and make cookies out of them — no digging around in a tub of ice cream necessary! If, however, you like a challenge, by all means go at a tub. Life's short!

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