Our Top Ten Facials: Eve Lom, Abigail James and Katherine Jackson

Grazia Team Beauty do love a good facial and we really know a good one when we see one (heated bed, burning candles, not too much chatter, you know the things). Whilst we will admit that we have had our fair share of pretty average facials - more akin to skin pummeling and other such horrors - recent salon visits have been really rather sensational. In fact they were so good that we have decided to share them with you lot so you can get in on the skin love too. In no particular order...

Our Top Ten Facials: Eve Lom, Abigail James and Katherine Jackson

1. Abigail James Facial at Lomax, London – www.abigailjames.co.uk

Abigail’s healing hands are infinite knowledge of the skin are a match made in skin heaven. She errs away from anything synthetic, preferring more natural products and techniques in order to get skin looking its best. Abigail believes that lifestyle, diet and wellbeing also have a huge impact on the skin as well as having the right treatments. She works at lifting and softening the muscles around the face to improve circulation and detoxify the skin. Just one look at her own glowing face and you’ll want to get in on the action.

2. Una Brennan Facial, London - 020 7313 9835

Our girl crush on supermodel mum Laura Bailey got a whole lot bigger when we heard that she sees facialist Una too, who is equally as lovely and gorgeous. She is wise beyond her years on all things skin and works from her own living room, which she has transformed into a haven of peace and tranquility. Each facial is tailored to how your skin feels that day and involve a combination of results-driven products included SkinCeuticals which Una swears by. A range of different exfoliations and masks as well as lengthy massage will leave you looking and feeling a whole lot better.

3. Eve Lom Signature Facial at Spa NK Spas, London – www.spacenk.co.uk

We’ve been fans of the products for yonks for their soothing, revitalizing effects on the skin and the facial is the ultimate in facial luxury. Located within the Spa NK locations in Notting Hill and Knightsbridge, the treatment has many loyal fans and once you’ve experienced it you’ll know why. Think lots of massage and lymph drainage with all the magic of the Eve Lom products mixed in as well. Heaven. You’ll leave looking refreshed and radiant like never before.

4. Katherine Jackson Bespoke Facial, London – www.katherinejackson.co.uk

Tucked away in a little room in Fulham is miracle-worker Katherine, who really knows her stuff. She advocates a completely natural and organic approach and even makes all her own lotions and potions on site. Her array of gadgets are brilliant too – our particular favourite is her small black-head zapping devices that uses ultra-sound to attract dirt. Genius. You leave with a personal blend of  Katherine’s products that are specially suited to your own skin which keep you looking good post-treatment. 

5. Clarins Detox & Shine Stopper Facial, nationwide – www.clarins.co.uk

This is quite possibly the best facial out there for clearing congested pores and helping to balance oily skin. Using their hero products, the facial follows three results driven stages to bring skin back to normality – the first is cleansing and exfoliation, the second is a gentle massage and mask and thirdly your skin is given some TLC via their enriched creams. Highly recommended for any city dwellers who get blackheads and a build-up of dirt in their pores.

6. La Prairie Caviar Firming Facial at the Lanesborough – 020 7259 5599

You sort of know you’re in for a treat when La Prairie is involved, but the on site facialists at the Lanesborough are second to none. Arguably some of the best products on the market for mature skin that’s showing the signs of ageing, the Caviar range are every beauty editor’s secret splurge. With a focus on massage (hands, arms and back too), this really relaxes your whole body and leaves you in a peaceful state of mind. The Caviar infused products transform the complexion into luminous, radiant skin.

7. Facial Reflexology with Paolo Lai at Neville Salon, London – www.nevillehairandbeauty.net

Tucked away within the Chelsea blowdry brigade’s favourite salon is Paolo, a true master of reflexology who uses his powerful hands to lift and firm like no cream possibly ever could. Not only is he very spiritual (he does angel card readings and uses crystals) but he is a really whiz at rejuvenating. His Japanese Cosmo Lift works wonders on tired skin by working the muscles beneath the skin’s surface. For best results, we recommend having a treatment with Paolo a day or two before a big event or party to get your face looking red-carpet worthy.

8. Rodial Scult Facial at House of RUSH, nationwide – 020 7042 3200

When you know that Angelina and VB are fans, you know it must be a goodie. Combining Rodial’s Dragon Blood range of products, this facial’s fab for more mature skin that’s in need of a little lifting – in fact we see it as more of a liquid facelift. The products smell like heaven on earth and leave skin slightly tingled and woken up. Oh and the stats are pretty brilliant too – 92% saw an increase in skin elasticity and 72% saw a reduction in skins sagging within 3 months. You do the math.

9. Environ Facial at Gielly Green, London - 0207 034 3060

Therapist Holly Gumble is a true godsend. Apart from doing one of the best facials in the business, she is great at getting your energy flows going again and rebalancing the body. Armed with the hero Environ products which are packed full of Vitamin A and other anti-ageing aces, Holly really does know how to get you looking young and refreshed in the space of just an hour – the results are outstanding. Oh and the salon is so blooming amazing you’ll probably want to have your hair done on the way out too.

10. Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial, London & Guilford – www.lizearle.com

Once you’ve tried the Liz Earle products (and if you haven’t, why the heck not?) you’ll only want to get your hands on more and what better way than with her new Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial. Using the naturally active ingredients, this treatment focuses on whatever skincare problems you might be facing as well as decongesting clogged pores and tired skin. This’ll boost your skin as well as your sprits and we bet you anything you fall asleep – always the sign of a truly relaxing treatment.

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