The Faces of Attempted Suicide

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For many friends, relatives and partners of people who've killed themselves, suicide is a question of why. Were there signs? Cries for help? Could we have done more? A phone call, a text, a simple 'How are you?'. Could the outcome have been different?

Most of the time these questions go unanswered because of those who attempt suicide, few come back, and even fewer are willing to talk about it openly on camera.

Meet Leon, Nathaniel and James. Three young men who all attempted suicide.

In the video above you can hear them talk openly about how depression and suicidal thoughts grabbed them and wouldn’t let go, before reflecting on what’s happened since and explaining how they've returned from the abyss.

We all have a mate, a colleague, a brother, a boyfriend, a partner, a nephew, a father ­– a man in our lives who could be struggling ­– so we need to get more men talking. Leon, Nathaniel and James are here to start the conversation.

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