Fabulous gifts for home chefs, foodies and friends

Join In The Know Cooking Editor Ellie Conley as she shares some great gifts for all the home chefs and foodies in your life!

This episode of In The Know Live: Kitchen Gadgets originally aired on Dec. 7 2021.

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ELLIE: Hi, everyone. I'm Ellie, Senior Cooking Editor In The Know by Yahoo, and you're watching In The Know Live Kitchen Gadgets.


Today I'm talking all about the best gifts for foodies and home chefs this holiday season. If you have someone that you're shopping for that falls into one of those categories, definitely stay tuned and if you see something you like, you need to buy it ASAP. Shipping deadlines are coming up so quickly. You can check out anything I'm showing you today at the links below or to the side, depending on where you're watching. But, we have a lot of gifts. So let's get started. First up is my favorite kitchen appliance. I keep this out on my countertop 24/7. And it's the Beautiful Kitchenware air fryer.

So, Beautiful Kitchenware was started by Drew Barrymore and then made by Gather CEO and founder Shae Hong. They started Beautiful Kitchenware. It's sold it's sold exclusively at Walmart, and everything is actually pretty beautiful. This, let me hold it up again. This specifically is the sage green air fryer, and it sold out within 24 hours when it first launched this year. It's now back in stock. You can also get this air fryer in like a matte white, black, or gray. All of them have gold handles and smart touch buttons that light up when it's plugged in.

It's a 6 quart air fryer. And normally six quart air fryers are well over $100. This one retails for only $89 at Walmart. So it's not only looks beautiful, it's at a great price. I think this is a great gift. Not only does it air fry, it also dehydrates, roasts, and reheats food. Again, I probably use this every single day. And if I don't, I'm looking for something to put into this air fryer. This, again, this is Drew Barrymore and Shea Hong's Beautiful Kitchenware air fryer. And this is the sage green color, if you like this color specifically.

Next up, if you know someone who-- you know someone who likes to cook, but maybe they overcook their steaks or undercooked their burgers a little bit, you need to get them one of the Yumly smart meat thermometers. So, let me take this out of the package for you so you can see it. This is like your regular meat thermometer, but not. You plug it in to whatever you're cooking and it connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app on your phone. On your phone, it'll tell you of course the temperature of-- the internal temperature of the meat. But it also will tell you how far along if you want it if you want your meat-- let's say let's say you're cooking a steak. And you want it medium well, you want it well done, it's going to tell you exactly where it's at, so you don't have to cut it open. But it will also tell you when to flip it.

So let's say you put some steaks on the grill and you walk away to go get yourself a drink. You can keep an eye on your phone and it's going to tell you exactly when it's done and exactly when you need to come right back and flip it over. This is great for someone who maybe is just getting into cooking, someone who overcooked things a little bit, or someone who just really likes high tech kitchen gadgets. Again, this is the Yumly smart meat thermometer. Next up, you can't go wrong with gifting someone just really, really good cookware. And one of my favorites is by Green Pan.

This is the Green Pan Padova Reserve set. So this is actually two, let me show you, two frying pans. And they have a gold handle, which is something, again, my air fryer has a gold handle. I really like that. If you take a look, you can kind of see the glitter in this. That's because these pans are infused with real diamonds. This is not a joke. Real diamonds. It adds to the durability and the nonstick. Green Pan pans are actually naturally nonstick-- or natural nonstick pans. They're ceramic. They don't use any PFOAs or Teflon or chemicals that are going to burn off and contaminate your food, so they're a little bit safer than other nonstick pans. And definitely, it's not going to-- like it's also going to just keep the taste of your food. It's always going to taste good. You're not going to taste anything like burning off into it.

A Green Pan is usually pretty affordable. To be honest, I probably picked the most expensive pans they have. But again, this is their Padova Reserve set. Personally, because I have have these on my wish list for a long time and I finally got them. There's the gold handles. They come in pink and also a blue with the gold handles. But you can go to a Green Pan site and see any more of their sets. This one I think is great. It's a little special for the holidays, but it also is great if someone already has black cookware. This is just a little addition, these two frying pans. It's going to just help amp up whatever set they already have.

Next, my favorite gift for people who love wine. Let me set this down here. Is made in Made In. Made In is a another cookware brand, and they just launched this decanter. So a decanter is going to help you aerate your wine. You can get it with a set of their beautiful red wine glasses. I don't have any red wine in here now because, knowing myself, I would have spilled it all over while I'm telling you about it. But this is a great gift, again, for someone who loves wine, maybe someone who's just getting into wine. I also personally think it's a great gift for someone who's recently are about to graduate from college.

They can get rid of their like solo cups. And nothing says you're an adult like getting really, really nice and real stemmed wine glasses. Also I actually think nothing says you're an adult like having a decanter on your bar cart. So, check these out. Again, you can buy them separately or you can buy them as a set together. I kind of like that they're a set together, since they do go together obviously. Again, this is from Made In.

Next is, if you want to give someone a gift that's a little bit more-- it's not food. Let's say you know someone who loves coffee. You can only give them so many Starbucks gift cards and so many like bagged coffees and coffee makers. I highly, highly recommend this replica coffee break fragrance for men and women by Maison Margiela. You're not going to smell like you're sitting next to a coffee pot or like you've worked at a coffee shop all day. It smells incredible, though. And again, it is for men and for women. It's kind of a warm, musky scent. It does use real arabica beans and that's the scent of the base of it.

It also has notes of like vanilla and warm pastries. But then with like an accent of spearmint and lavender. That's the best way I can describe this. I think it smells just like, again, warm and musky. It's a very luxurious scent. Replica is known for kind of making sense that are, I guess like, I don't know. They're known for making ones that are about experiences. I think they also have one it's like jazz club and old books or libraries. This coffee break one is-- they give it the fragrance description of creamy and cozy coffee, and I just think that's-- that's the best way to put this.

It smells so good. I wore it the other day and someone in an elevator stopped me to ask what I was wearing. So that's that's how good I think it smells.

And finally, if you're going to give someone food, everyone loves food because everyone eats. I highly recommend Baked by Melissa's holiday cupcake set. So Baked by Melissa is a New York City based bakery, but they ship nationwide from their site and from Amazon. And this is how it comes packaged. But these are actually mini cupcakes, if you can take a closer look. The mini cupcakes you can get-- this is a 25 pack. You can get at 25, a 50, or 100 pack for a party. I think 25 pack is great. They have new holiday flavors like festive babka and hot chocolate and cookies.

These are-- these aren't going to last long in my apartment, I can tell you that. They are just such a thoughtful gift, especially if you want to give someone maybe like one cupcake, they get one flavor. But with this you get several flavors and you can definitely eat quite a few in one sitting. That's all for the gifts I have today. If you like, again, if you like anything that you see, you can shop them at the links below or to the side depending on where you're watching. And thanks again for tuning in to this episode of In the Know Live Kitchen Gadgets and wishing you a happy and safe holiday. Thanks again.


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