Ezekiel Elliott's mom calls out FS1's Skip Bayless

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Columnist

Skip Bayless makes a lot of money to spout nonsense, both on his Twitter feed and on FS1’s “Undisputed.”

He is more than a contrarian; he is the hottest of “hot take” artists, taking frequent aim at LeBron James in particular, trying to cut the global superstar down for any reason, real or contrived.

But now he’s angered the wrong woman.

Take Meter level: 10

Dawn Elliott, right, the mother of Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott, came to her son's defense. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

After the Dallas Cowboys — “his” Dallas Cowboys — played poorly in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and Dallas Pro Bowl back Ezekiel Elliott was held to 47 rushing yards on 20 carries, Bayless turned up the Take Meter to 10.

Just before kickoff, Bayless posted this photo of himself to Twitter, saying it was going to be “Zeke’s Night”:

But as Elliott struggled, Bayless had a Twitter meltdown. A sampling:

  • “Well, here we go again: The Cowboys come out for a huge national TV home game NOT READY TO PLAY on offense or defense. No urgency. No fire. 7-0 Minnesota. Maybe Jerry should fly me in for a pre-game locker-room speech.”

  • “Dalvin Cook keeps making Cowboys miss in the open field. On that catch, Zeke could not.”

  • “I changed jerseys.” (A new pic, now in a Prescott jersey.)

  • “So far Zeke looks like the 3rd best running back on the field.”

  • “I hate to say it, but Ezekiel Elliott is killing the Cowboys. So many nowhere runs keep wasting so many downs.”

  • “WHY WOULD YOU GET IT ALL THE WAY TO 1ST AND 10 AT THE 11 AND GO TO ZEKE THREE TIMES WHEN HE HAS BEEN A DISASTER ALL NIGHT LONG??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

  • “I'm sorry, but Zeke is a shell of his rookie self. I'm afraid Jerry terribly overpaid him.”

And then, the piece de resistance: this incredibly contrived, poorly acted mini-tantrum:

The next morning, Bayless tweeted “my running back” is a shell of himself and “has become a liability.”

For the record, the Vikings have a top-6 rushing defense at the midpoint of the season, and Elliott had 100-yard rushing games in the Cowboys’ three outings before the matchup with Minnesota, averaging 4.9 yards per carry on 73 attempts over those three games.

Elliott’s mother responds

Dawn Elliott, Ezekiel’s mother, is an active presence on Twitter and has over 20,000 followers. Of course, many of her posts involve her famous son but also their native St. Louis and current standout players at John Burroughs High, where Ezekiel starred.

And on Tuesday, Dawn Elliott called out Bayless’ behavior.

“I certainly hope I don’t ever see @RealSkipBayless post another pic wearing my son’s jersey,” she wrote.

The responses were mostly supportive, with some calling Bayless a fake fan, but of course some said they agreed with the FS1 personality.

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