When I Need Extra Seating in My Tiny Loft, These Comfy Floor Cushions Are So Useful

I live in a small, loft-style apartment, so I have to be really smart when it comes to choosing furniture. That means extra chairs are out of the picture - where would I put them? Luckily, I have found a solution that's both convenient and stylish, so when my friends come over, they don't have to awkwardly stand around.

These Disney Princess x POPSUGAR floor pillows ($30 each) can easily be put around my coffee table for sitting and relaxing. The pillows are soft and plush, but they have some structure to them so you don't feel like you're sinking to the ground. They come in four different colors and can easily be stacked away in the corner when I'm not using them.

Keep reading to check out all the colors and consider these floor cushions for yourself. I'm telling you, they are totally worth every penny.

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