Experts Say We've All Been Storing Our Potatoes Wrong

You Can Store Potatoes In The Fridge Nowgetty

Whether or not to keep certain products and ingredients in the fridge is a tale as old as time, and while the debate rages on about whether to keep things like ketchup, onions and tomatoes in the fridge or not, the best storage solution for one item in particular has this week been revealed by experts.

Apparently, the best place to store your potatoes is in the fridge. Who knew?

For years, experts have been warning consumers against storing potatoes in the fridge, saying that storing the humble potato in this way could pose a risk to our health.

The previous advice from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and consumer groups said that storing raw potatoes at low temperatures, like that of a fridge, led to extra sugars forming in the potatoes which then turned into which turned into a chemical called acrylamide when the potatoes were fried or roasted, which is associated with a risk of developing cancer.

potatoes in the fridge

However, the experts at the FSA have now reversed the previous advice, saying it's not only fine but absolutely encouraged for you to store your spuds in the fridge to prevent sprouting and enable you to use them for longer.

On the FSA website, the new advice says: "A recent study, which has been reviewed by the Committee on the Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT), has shown that home storage of potatoes in the fridge doesn’t materially increase acrylamide forming potential when compared to storage in a cool, dark place.

“So, if you wish to help avoid food waste, you can choose to store either in the fridge or in a cool, dark place.”

So there you go!