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Smart Nurseries

Every year sees a new bit of 'it' kit that inventors hope will become indispensible to parents and next year is no different. Earlier this year we saw the introduction of the world's first smart crib, which will monitor your baby’s sleep patterns and rock it back to sleep when it detects he’s about to wake up, and now Motorola are set to take things a stage further with their smart nursery range – a suite of six connected products, including a wi-fi baby cam monitor, tablet, scales, humidifier, dream machine and door alarm senors, that make up the worlds most intelligent baby nursery. Accessible through the Hubble application, the nursery will give parents access to useful information about their newborn. Dino Lalvani, Chairman of Binatone Global said: "Today's technology helps to capture, analyse and inform all of us, to help make the best decisions. Being able to enrich baby care in this way by providing this level of intelligence to your smartphone is a connected experience that we are very proud of and an innovation which leads the way in the future of nursery.” [Photo: John Lewis/Motorola]

This is what we can expect parenting to look like in 2017

What do you mean you haven't been taking your kids to private family clubs, pushing a gender-muted buggy or teaching your little one to code? Come on, catch up! Just when you think you've got one parenting trend licked, something else comes along and renders it sooooo 2016.

So will 2017 be the year we kick helicopter parenting to the kerb and become more zen while we're raising our offspring? From advances in technology to smart babygrows and super clever childcare, if you want to get ahead of the parenting curve, we've got the trends mums and dads will be embracing in 2017…

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