'Exercise in disguise' with a joyful dance-based fitness class

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If the idea of a workout that feels like party with friends sounds like your cup of tea, then a fun dance-based fitness class may be for you.

Zumba and ballet-inspired barre workouts have been all the rage in recent years, but Afaf Belcaid has now filled a gap in the market by creating the dance2happy (dance2happy.com) concept, which incorporates scientifically proven techniques to boost participants' mood and guarantees to raise endorphins whilst improving your physical and mental health.

"In true 'exercise in disguise' style, you will leave fitter without even realising you've been working out," she shared. "The dance2happy routines are inspired by Zumba principles - but with a twist. Expect to leave massive smile on your face, having burned over 400 calories whilst busting a move to an uplifting playlist."

Regarding the venture, Belcaid explained that she was inspired to enter the world of dance fitness after suffering from burnout.

"Despite ticking all of the 'success' boxes in my life - qualified engineer, MBA, senior manager at Amazon and mum to two kids - I was burnt out and suffering from chronic anxiety. Dance2happy was my turning point and the switch that turned off the worrying voice in my brain," she noted. "Dance fitness classes helped me reduce stress, get rid of negative emotions and escape from the anxiety that threatened to overwhelm me. Dance2happy is designed to let you leave your troubles at the door and finish our classes on a long-lasting high."

Those keen to get their groove on should make sure they wear trainers with good cushioning, such as cross trainers, as well as comfortable fitness clothing - bright colours are optional!

Classes are now available online, with in-person sessions launching from 2 October.

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