Exclusive: Try this lower-body mobility & strength pregnancy workout courtesy of Kelsey Wells

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In writing our guide on pregnancy exercises, it quickly became clear that there is a lot of conflicting advice on the topic. Is it actually worth exercising at all? (Yes.) Should you start exercises you’ve never done before? (No.) There’s so much to get your head around. One thing that will help every mum-to-be out there is talking to both your GP/a health or fitness professional, and women who have been there.

Sweat trainer Kelsey Wells ticks both those boxes. As a certified personal trainer and mum to her 8-year-old son, she knows all there is to know on how to safely train when pregnant. To that end, she’s recently launched a new pregnancy training programme on the Sweat app, and has now shared an exclusive prenatal workout with us.

It’s a 12-15 minute lower-body mobility and strength workout designed to suit women in every trimester. ‘It includes a range of exercises that aim to help you strengthen your glutes and lower-body muscles while relieving pressure and mobilising the pelvis and back,’ Kelsey explains, adding, ‘It doesn’t require any equipment, all you’ll need is an exercise mat.’

Before you attempt to give it a go, though, it’s ‘imperative’ you get sign off from a healthcare professional, says Kelsey. ‘It’s also so important to listen to your body – when you’re creating a life, it’s like running a marathon, so if you don’t have the energy or desire to exercise on top of that, that’s perfectly ok. If you are able to exercise, let it be a powerful reminder of how movement can and should be used as an incredible tool to care for yourself and your health.’

It's about not putting any pressure on yourself. Kelsey didn’t. ‘I actually never exercised during my pregnancy,’ she tells us. ‘I used to feel bad about that, but now I don’t. I look back at that time and know I was doing my best – I was in survival mode working full-time and navigating the all-encompassing changes that come with pregnancy.’

So, if you feel up to it, here’s everything you need to know about Kelsey’s pregnancy workout, including demos of each exercise by Kelsey.

The workout

  • Workout format: 1 mobility warm-up + 1 strength superset + 1 strength circuit

  • Who is it for?: ‘This workout is tailored to suit women in every trimester of pregnancy,’ Kelsey advises.

  • Duration: 12-15 minutes.

  • Equipment needed: 1 workout mat.

  • Targets: Lower body (legs, glutes, hamstrings, calves).

  • Benefits: Builds lower-body strength and mobility.

  • How to make it easier: ‘Slow down the speed of each exercise, increase your rest time at the end of each lap, or reduce the number of laps you do in each circuit,’ Kelsey says.

  • How often should I do this workout?: ‘With clearance from your GP or healthcare professional, you can complete this workout once a week, alongside an upper-body and full-body session tailored to you,’ says Kelsey.


Repeat this warm-up twice through, with 30 secs rest between each lap.

1.Hip flexor stretch x 12 reps

2. Cat-cow stretch x 12 reps



Repeat this warm-up twice through, with 30 secs rest between each lap.

1.Squat pulse x 10 reps

2. Good mornings x 10 reps


Repeat this circuit twice through.

1.Negative squat x 40 secs

Rest, 20 secs

2. Donkey kick x 40 secs

Rest, 20 secs

3. Clamshells x 40 secs

Rest, 20 secs

Finished? Check out Kelsey's full pregnancy programme on the Sweat app.

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