Exclusive! Make Up Artist Dick Page Reveals How To Recreate The Victoria's Secret Show Look

While the 40 models walking in tonight's Victoria's Secret Show have their beautiful genes on their side, they also need a little primping to get show ready. We caught up with lead make up artist, Dick Page and quizzed him on how he transforms these supermodels into Angels and how you can recreate the look at home.

Grazia Daily: How do you get the Victoria's Secret show look?

Dick Page: I start off with lipstick on the nose and the cheeks and buff it in with a brush. It's a rosy shade and then I follow it with foundation and tinted moisturiser which is also blended with a brush. I'm looking to create something that is very transparent and light. Then I go with a little bit of dark brown pencil for the eyes and a bit of gold on the lip and tons of lip blam. Then I'll let the girls apply their own mascara. ­ I could be gone for days and they'd still be doing it. The idea is to create a glowing, healthy look. You know they are walking around in their bras and knickers so to look really bright, sexy, exciting and healthy is what I hope to achieve. Its the last show in the world where models are actually allowed to model. For most other shows you can't swing your arms, you have to walk in a straight line. Here the girls get to smile and actually enjoy themselves.

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Grazia Daily: How could our readers recreate the look at home?

Dick Page: It's the smudge of brown on the eye and the flush on the cheek. If you're not comfortable with lipstick then go with blusher and keep the skin moisturised.

Grazia Daily: From your experience what are the biggest challenges of doing the Victoria's Secret Show?

Dick Page: Really the only real challenge is time. There's a huge job to do but even there we are spoiled. For example if I do a Michael Kors show, we start at 7m and have to be on the runway at 10am. Here you have about 13 hours ­ we have a lot of time! What¹s so nice is there is a certain sense of solidarity because a lot of these girls have done this show for a long time.  So there's a family feeling.

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Grazia Daily: What's the highlight of doing the show for you?

Dick Page: It's nice for me to catch up with girls that I don't see that often. Some girls I might see occasionally editorially but really it nice to have all of these girls in the same room.

Grazia Daily: Which new faces should we be keeping an eye out for?

Dick Page: There's a young girl who's not here ­ she's still in school, good for her. Her name is Sophia, an English girl. We just shot a Marc Jacobs fragrance campaign with her and you know she has a nice attitude. She's smart and not going to do full time work until she's worked outexactly what she wants to do. Its refreshing because something the girls get a little bit starry ­ of course they are very young.

Exclusive! Make Up Artist Dick Page Reveals How To Recreate The Victoria's Secret Show Look

Grazia Daily: We've got a healthy British contingent here today ­ what do you think of Cara Delevingne's Victoria's Secret look?

Dick Page: I haven't worked with Cara in this context before - I normally see her working her cool editorial jobs and at shows where she gets to scowl a bit. I think she has a laugh with the whole 'I'm in a bra'. It's just fun isn't it.'

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