Exclusive: Jessica Wright reveals her baby boy's exciting new milestone

Jessica Wright has exclusively spoken to HELLO! about life as a new mum to her four-month-old son Presley, who she shares with her husband William Lee-Kemp.

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Talking to us at the HELLO! Inspiration Awards held at the Corinthia Hotel in London on Tuesday, the sister of TV presenter Mark Wright beamed as she chatted about her baby boy and his latest milestone.

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Jessica, 37, reveals: "He is laughing and smiling at me every single day. He's got such a personality; for four and half months, I just feel like he's just got such a character."

The star adds: "But he's also very demanding and very, very, very determined, so I think I've got a little troublesome one on my hands. But no, it's amazing, it's incredible. To think this time last year at the awards I was pregnant. No one knew…"

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Jessica, William and their son Presley

Does little Presley get fussed over by the rest of the family?

"Yeah, they all love him," Jessica tells us. They've got him and my brother's baby Josh who's three months older. Josh is the most chilled, sweet, sleeps-through-the-night-at-12-weeks baby in the world, and there's Presley, who is a disaster!

"He's like a bull in a china shop. He won't sit still. He's up and about laughing at everyone, he wants to play all the time – they're very, very different.

"So that's nice that the family get both aspects. But it's not nice for me in the middle of the night when I'm doing night feeds! My mum's really hands-on so that's great. It allows me to work as well, which is so important to me."


The adorable baby Presley

Jessica and William welcomed Presley in May this year, and we all know what a rollercoaster those first few months are. How has the new mum sound motherhood so far?

"It's amazing," she says. "It's a huge journey – it's up and down, it's rewarding, it's amazing, it's scary, it's wonderful, it's every kind of thing that you can never imagine until you actually doing it, but it's all worthwhile."

When asked who inspires her, Jessica replies: "If I had to say anyone, it would be my mum and my husband – he is really amazing, he's one of a kind and a really good person."

Jessica also admires Kelly Stevens, winner of HELLO!'s Star Mum award, who tragically losing her mother at the age of 50, then adopted her aunt's son, Thomas, after she was unable to parent him. Unwilling to let Thomas be fostered, the 34-year-old from Southport, Merseyside, gained full guardianship of him as a single mum while working full-time at her own hair salon.

Paying tribute to Kelly, Jessica says: "I was speaking to Kelly and when she says what she does and how she does it, I think there are so many amazing people in this world."

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