Exclusive: Emmerdale's Kevin Mathurin responds to co-star's sudden exit

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Kevin Mathurin has reflected on the show's recent death storyline.

The actor's character Charles Anderson was left shocked in late August as his troublesome father Victor died suddenly.

Victor had warned his family that he was living with a brain aneurysm, but as there'd been scepticism over whether he was telling the truth, his sudden passing came as a surprise to most.

Monday's episode (October 2) sees the Andersons gather for Victor's funeral, with Charles stepping in to give his father the eulogy he deserves.

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Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy at the Inside Soap Awards 2023 last week, Kevin explained: "It was emotional [to film the funeral] because at the same time we all miss Eddie Osei who plays Victor. It was an ode to him.

"It was nice filming that – it was a nice goodbye to him."

Asked how he felt about Eddie leaving the soap so soon, Kevin admitted: "I was gutted! But he was happy with the length and how long he was filming for.

"It could have been nice for the story to be extended maybe to six months or so. I think it was a bit rushed personally, but the time that we did have was brilliant – fantastic.

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"That's what made it worse when he had to go. When we were coming to the end scenes, it was heartbreaking because we knew he was going and we were never going to see him again.

"We're still in touch – and he misses the cast and he misses work so much. He's a great talent."

Emmerdale has been exploring a more ruthless side to Charles this year – including issuing a sinister threat to troublesome Alex Moore and cruelly framing Victor for theft before he died.

Addressing the unexpected new direction, Kevin continued: "I wouldn't say he's a villain – I'd say complicated in the sense that he loves God, he loves his job, he loves being there for his parish and the community.

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"But his tolerance levels are wavering a bit. He's standing up for himself a bit more, especially when things from the past are being dug up – it brings out old habits and old feelings. It is complicated."

Emile John, who plays Charles' son Ethan, recently confirmed that his character will be getting a surprising storyline soon too.

Emile exclusively told Digital Spy that we can expect Ethan to "go rogue" in upcoming scenes, allowing viewers to see a different side to him.

On Charles' potential role in this story, Kevin explained: "I think, Charles being Charles, he will try and steer Ethan back on the right path.

"I don't think he'll know exactly what the situation is, but when it all comes out what the problem is, I think Charles will support him and try to support his son like he always does."

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