Exclusive: Dannii Minogue reveals how motherhood has changed her

In an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! magazine, Dannii Minogue has opened up on motherhood.

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"Becoming a mum has changed my style. Before I was a mum, everything was heels and dress-up all the time, but now that’s for special events," says Dannii, who is parent to 12-year-old Ethan. She added: "Ethan has created a different schedule. I have the going to school part of the day, and the sports part of the weekend, when my day revolves around basketball games."

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Of being in the UK, which she called home for over a decade, to launch the latest additions to her petite fashion and jewellery range for QVC UK, Dannii told HELLO!: "It's amazing to be in London – I love getting to see my friends while I’m here."

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The designer and TV star also revealed her delight at being based on the same side of the world as her big sister since Kylie relocated back to the family's native Melbourne earlier this year.

"Kylie loves hanging out with my son. We love watching the movies, we go to the farm and see the animals and I like to cook for her – she loves my risotto and Kylie does these beautiful roasted tomatoes on bruschetta."


Revealing that she and Ethan had recently tuned into the finale of Neighbours – the iconic Australian soap on which Kylie played mechanic Charlene Robinson – Dannii said: "It was funny when they were doing the flashbacks.

"I said to Ethan: 'There’s Kylie,' and he's like: 'That one?' and I'm like: 'No, no, not that one, this one!'" Dannii, who is 5ft 2in, also spoke of her passion for designing clothes for her fellow petite women.

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"My dream when I started working with QVC was to have this Aladdin's Cave; a magical room you go into and everything fits – clothes, shoes and jewellery," said Dannii. "Up until now, that didn't really exist for me in the shopping world. It was frustrating. I would see things in a magazine but they didn't make them in my size."

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