So, when exactly was Netflix's Perfect Match filmed?

when was perfect match filmed
When was Netflix's Perfect Match filmed? Netflix

Netflix's newest reality show Perfect Match, has us well and truly obsessed. Perfect Match takes a number of former Netflix reality stars from other series such as Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle and sticks them in one villa, in the hope they fall in love. It's the ideal mixture of chaotic and cute, and we may have binge watched the first four episodes in one sitting.

Eight episodes of the series have dropped already, with the final four arriving on 28th February. In the series, each night the contestants have the chance to couple up with another, and any left single, will be removed from the house. The next day the couples are put through a series of challenges to test their compatibility. The couple that wins the daily challenge then gets a private date and the opportunity to bring in new contestants in order to shake up the other couples.

So far we've seen a number of heartbreaks, betrayals and one happy couple even make their relationship official, yes we're looking at you Joey and Kariselle.

when was perfect match filmed

But before we get ahead ourselves to see if they're actually still together, we need to know when the series was filmed in order to have a better idea of how much time has passed between filming and the series being released, and therefore who could still be together.

So when was Perfect Match filmed? This is everything you need to know.

When was Perfect Match filmed?

According to Love Is Blind and Perfect Match contestant Bartise Bowden's Instagram stories as per My Imperfect Life, Perfect Match began filming in March 2022.

This makes sense given Bartise's time on Love Is Blind was filmed during the summer of 2021, giving him a few months in between the filming the two shows.

when was perfect match filmed

Netflix confirmed to Cosmopolitan UK the series was filmed in 2022, but did not specify the exact month.

This means any couples who stayed together after Perfect Match, will have to have kept their relationship a secret for nearly a year. Now that is impressive.

Perfect Match is available on Netflix now

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