These are the exact suitcases used by Tanya McQuoid in White Lotus

tanya mcquaid luggage brand
Where to buy White Lotus' Tanya McQuoid's luggageGetty Images

The closest we'll ever get to holidaying at the White Lotus is setting the theme tune as our ringtone, but that doesn't mean we can't travel like the resort's larger than life characters.

In season two, we saw everyone's favourite wealthy romantic Tanya McQuoid - played by Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge - rock up in Sicily with a fleet of gorgeous purple suitcases and matching vanity case.

The leather cases are part of Globe-Trotter's Amethyst Collection, and they're available to shop now. They all have a high-gloss metallic purple finish with a butter-soft interior, and despite looking too delicate to be flung in to an airplane hold or dragged up and down the UK on a packed train, they are designed to last - despite picking up a few inevitable scuffs and scratches.

tanya mcquaid luggage brand
The Amethyst Collection is gorgeous Hearst Owned

Globe-Trotter cases are made out fourteen layers of paper which have been heavily treated in a special heat and steam process to produce vulcanised fibreboard. It's a material considered as strong as leather yet as light as aluminium and are considered amongst some of the strongest and most durable suitcases on the market.

Admittedly, Globe-Trotter cases are undeniably pricey, but luggage that lasts a lifetime is always a good investment. Unless, in the case of poor old Tanya, your luggage outlives you...

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