These are the exact products Molly-Mae uses for her feathery brows

Laura Capon
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Photo credit: Instagram/mollymaehague
Photo credit: Instagram/mollymaehague

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Thankfully, you'll be pleased to know that Molly-Mae Hague has fully recovered from her horrific acrylic nail incident.

Note to self: Never get acrylic nails and never try to remove them at home.

Now she's no longer stemming her blood flow, Molly-Mae came back to YouTube with another daily vlog.

I don't know about you, but there is something so reassuring about watching someone with 5.2 million Instagram followers hoover their carpets and make their lunch.

It's just comforting to know that deep down they are just like us... albeit with a lot less money.

In her new vlog, Molly-Mae noted that she had been getting a lot of comments on her eyebrows recently and it turns out, it's all down to a new product she's been using.

Set up by influencer Jess Hunt, Refy is a new beauty brand that's debut release has become a bit of a viral sensation.

Her 3-step brow collection includes a micro pencil, pomade and most importantly sculpting gel.

In her video Molly showed how she uses all three to create a super natural, super full brow, noting how easy they are to use despite the fact she's apparently not great at makeup.

I definitely do not have 5 million Instagram followers, but I can also attest to how bloody great Refy is for giving your brows that soap effect, without having to carry a gigantic bar of Pears in your makeup bag.

So while her nails might not be looking the best right now, at least Molly-Mae has some cracking brows to distract from them.

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