An ex Love Islander has shared one clever trick for predicting which contestants will be dumped

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Love Island 2022 is keeping us on our toes to say the least, from surprising couple changes to even more shocking eliminations. And while we might do our best to predict what's going to happen in the show, we've been thrown our fair share of curveballs this season.

However, it looks like there might actually be a way to predict who will be dumped from the villa, and it's a pretty smart trick. The new hack is all thanks to former Love Island contestant Zara McDermott, who's been busy sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets on Instagram - and this is one we'll 100% be putting to good use.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Cast your mind back and you'll remember that Zara appeared on the 2018 season of Love Island, where she was coupled up with Adam Collard. The pair moved in together after leaving the show, before splitting around eight months later. Still, Zara is now happily loved up with Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson, and the couple have been busy sharing a series of BTS Love Island secrets on Sam's Instagram account.

The latest topic from the pair: how to potentially predict who will be eliminated from the show. In a video posted on Instagram Reels, Sam can be heard asking Zara, "Do you get told how to stand around the fire pit?"

Zara explains, "You get told what order to stand in, yeah." Sam then asks if the order indicates who's getting dumped, with Zara admitting, "Looking back now, I get why [Islanders are stood in a particular way]," adding that she "has an indication" over who's about to be kicked off the show.

As for how she can tell, Zara reveals that vulnerable contestants tend to be positioned next to safe Islanders during the dumpings. For example, Zara says she was stood next to 2018 winners Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer when she was eliminated from the show.

Sam then concludes, "So, anyone who's stood next to someone who's definitely not [going], anyone next to Gemma basically, they're going. What an insight!" Zara makes sure to add that her theory might not be 100% accurate, saying, "maybe, I don't know," but we reckon it makes a whole lot of sense if true.

Well, that's us paying extra attention during the next dumping, then.

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