Everything you need to know about Sephora taking over Feel Unique

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Photo credit: Smith Collection/Gado - Getty Images
Photo credit: Smith Collection/Gado - Getty Images

When rumours first swirled of Sephora coming back to the UK in 2016, the Internet went wild. While it may have taken 6 years, Sephora is finally making their return.

It all started back in September 2021, when Sephora bought online beauty retailer Feel Unique for a whopping £132 million.

In a Linkedin post on Wednesday, Feel Unique's co-founder Aaron Chatterly confirmed that following the takeover he has now exited the company, leaving it in "incredible hands of Sephora".

So what does this mean? Well at the time of the acquistion Martin Brok, President and CEO of Sephora said, “The transaction is a key step in Sephora’s European growth strategy and marks a first step for Sephora’s presence into the United Kingdom”.

We know for sure that Sephora will finally have a digital presence in the UK thanks to their takeover of Feel Unique and judging by that "first step" comment it seems highly likely that will be followed through with a physical store.

Also in his leaving post, Chatterly said that the company would now become the "go-to destination for beauty in the UK". Which, if they are to compete with the likes of Boots, would imply they are looking beyond digital.

Photo credit: Robert Kamau - Getty Images
Photo credit: Robert Kamau - Getty Images

And while change is afoot at Feel Unique, it's also afoot at Sephora as Brok has just stepped down as CEO. His replacement is yet to be announced.

Meanwhile it's time to get working on those shopping lists. Think Haus Labs, One Size, Merit Beauty and so many more.

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