'You' Fans Spot Shocking Link Between Seasons Three And 'Gilmore Girls'

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*Warning – this article contains spoilers*

You season three is finally on Netflix, and we don't know about you but we've already bingewatched the entire thing and have a lot of unanswered questions.

Last January, Netflix announced that You season 3 was coming to our screens and we haven't known whether to rejoice or lock the front door.

At the end of 2019, fans of the hit thriller series were delighted when the video streaming website released season two on Boxing Day (a late Christmas present?) and treated them to a new creepy storyline, love interests and shocking twists.

In season two, Penn Badgley, who plays serial killer Joe Goldberg, moved from New York to Los Angeles and fell for a new character named Love Quinn – an aspiring chef who turns out to be not as sweet as her name might suggest. Cue acid trips, the coining of a new, bizarre term to replace ‘I love you’, and a growing appreciation for baked goods.

Photo credit: Jim Spellman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jim Spellman - Getty Images

With erotomania, social media and obsession being key subjects explored in season two, season three certainly packs a punch (and more screen time for Joe's big glass box).

Here’s everything you need to know about You season three:

What happened at the end of You season two?

If you were annoyed that Beck was killed off in season one and Joe came out as a weirdly alluring serial killer, then we're sure season two made up for it.

Joe's ex Candace (who he failed to murder) comes back on the scene looking for vengeance, just when he starts to fall in love with Love. Joe kills off a mafia-type guy named Jasper who is trying to collect a large sum of money from the real Will Bettleheim (whose identity Joe has appropriated after he imprisons bonafide Will in his glass box).

It's later revealed that Love is a more appropriate match for Joe than anyone could have predicted. Acting as a mirror for Joe's blood-thirsty foibles, she also kills in the name of 'love,' sacrificing both Joe's neighbour Delilah and also Joe's ex Candace, in order to preserve her relationship.

Love's twin brother Forty, who sleuths out all the twisted information about Joe, is also killed (surprisingly not by Joe, but by a policeman).

Confused, much?

In the closing scenes of season two's finale, we flash forward to Joe and a very pregnant Love moving in together in the leafy suburbs. Away from their gory L.A. past, perhaps this peaceful, friendly neighbourhood will inspire some normality for the star-crossed killers? But just as Joe heads out to the pool area in the back yard, he is distracted by something, or rather someone, through a gap in the garden fence.

As he creeps towards the perimeter, the hole in the wood panels reveals a glimpse of his next door neighbour in all her sun-kissed glory, tanning in a bikini, with her face shrouded by a big sunhat.

And just like that, his stalking instincts kick in and he's at it again. Joe's voiceover explains he's comes to the decision that his destiny in fact, lies with his new neighbour.

'This is exactly where I had to be, to meet you,' he says before the credits run.

What have fans said about You season three?

Fans have been loving You season three from the looks of social media, with some even noting a link between the show Emily in Paris and Gossip Girl.

However, TikTok users now think spotted another connection between the series and Gilmore Girls.

According to fans, A Fresh Tart - Love's bakery - appears to be across the street from Luke's Diner in Gilmore Girls.

The theory makes sense given the shoes were both filmed on the Warner Bros set, which was also where some of La La Land and Pretty Little Liars were shot.

When was season three of You confirmed?

After Netflix released You season two on Boxing Day 2019, the steaming website confirmed on January 14, 2020 that season three was in the making.

To announce the news, Netflix tweeted a short clip teasing news of the next season with the caption: ‘See you soon, neighbour. YOU S3 is coming [sic].’

The company also posted a rather witty Tweet breaking the news with the caption: ‘Breaking: You will return for a third season. As in, the show. Called You. Not *you*. You know?’

Variety later reported that season three is made up of 10 episodes. Co creators Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti returned as executive producers, with Gamble serving as showrunner.

Does the season two cast of You feature in the second series?

Actors Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti (Love) have reprised their roles in the new season.

Badgley hinted that season three was on the cards in an old interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

‘She doesn’t appear to be the same kind of… you know, dare I say, in the third season – oh, god!’ the actor said while discussing Love’s evil ways in the season two finale.

When asked to divulge more information on the possibility of a third season, Badgley added: ‘Technically I can’t… I mean, like, unofficially?’

On October 16, 2020 Netflix announced that You was adding two new members to the gang: Shalita Grant and Travis VanWinkle.

According to the streaming platform, Grant plays a ‘mum-fluencer’ named Sherry, who ‘appears down to earth, but is actually a mean girl who only pretends to welcome Love into her social circle’. Meanwhile, VanWinkle plays Cary, a wealthy individual who tries to welcome Joe into his inner circle. Er, that couldn’t be a worse idea, Cary.

What happens in You season three?

If you thought Joe was about to have an epiphany and leave behind his tendency to bump people off, you'll be waiting a long time.

Caroline Kepnes’s second novel Hidden Bodies revealed that Joe’s girlfriend Love isn’t as wholesome as one might think, but the Netflix series raised the bar by making the character a serial murderer, of both Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) and Candace (Ambyr Childers).

The third season centres on Joe and Love attempting to putting their killing pasts behind them and live a suburban life with their newborn Henry.

However, it doesn't take long for Joe to find another innocent woman to stalk, and with his neighbour Natalie out of the way, so to speak (we're looking at you, Love), he soon focusses his creepy efforts on his boss Marienne.

Unfortunately for everyone, Marienne falls for Joe and promises to run away with him. That is until his her ex husband is murdered. Love then stats to get wind that Joe is up to his old tricks and poisons him with flowers she's been growing, before inviting Marienne over to the house pretending to be Joe. What does she greet her with? Only a meat fork. Love then has a change of heart and lets Marienne go, turning her attention on Joe.

When Love goes to attack a seemingly paralysed Joe with the meat fork, Joe injects her with a syringe of the same poison she used on him and ultimately kills her. He then frames his wife for the murder of his previous victim, Natalie, and writes a letter to the community, pretending it's been written by Love, admitting to the heinous crimes she's committed. Oh, and let's not forget the meat pie he makes which includes some of his toes in an attempt to stage his own death. Then he sets the house on fire - classic - and gets away scot free... again.

As for Henry, Joe left him with his co-worker Dante and his partner, who have longed for a child. Meanwhile, the Conrads, Sherry and Cary manage to escape the box under Love's bakery and presume Joe to be dead. It's likely Marienne ended up leaving Madre Linda with her daughter and isn't Joe's biggest fan, given that he lied about his supposed separation from Love. We have a feeling she won't be appearing in You season four (and we don't blame her!).

At the end of the season Joe is seen ordering a coffee in Paris and is presumably on the look out for his next victim.

Gamble previously told Entertainment Weekly: ‘The stakes are pretty high. I have so many questions about Love’s mother who’s incredibly in the picture at the end of the season, like how much she really knows about her children.

‘We wrote [the finale] hoping that we will get the opportunity to tell more story because we’re really excited with the seeds planted at the end of season two.’

It’s worth noting that season one and two were based on Kepnes novels, but her third book is yet to be released.

Speaking about his character's parenting skills, Badgley told ELLE.com: 'I certainly had the great bounty of drawing on my own experience, becoming a new biological parent, and that was quite natural. There are some definitely sweet moments where I was able to do that, but I think by and large, his paternal instinct is at best primal.

'I think to be a good father or a parent, you need to really rise several orders above primal, but he's at least primal, I guess.'

Is there a trailer for season three of You?

On October 17 Netflix released a trailer for the third season, which sees Joe, Love and his child, Henry, move to the suburbs and get in some serious trouble.

Oh, and there appeared to be another glass box, people! The fact that Britney Spears' 'Hit Me Baby.. One More Time' plays over the top, just freaks us out.

'Til death do us part,' Love is heard saying at the end of the trailer and her and Joe bury a body while their newborn sits happily in his baby carrier.

If that wasn't enough the @younetflix Instagram account has been sharing numerous snippets from the season three to feed our You appetite.

When did You series three arrive on Netflix?

You was released on Netflix on October 15.

In the first trailer Love is making a cake for hers and Joe's newborn baby. As she crushes eggshells and wipes droplets of deep red icing off a knife, her beau opens up about raising a son like him, noting that it's 'not without its challenges'.

The trailer ends with the show's release date and the baby's 'strong but not intimidating' name, Harry.

Has You season four been confirmed?

Yes. Days before season three's release Netflix announced on Twitter the series had been renewed for a fourth season.

Find out more about You season four here.

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