Everything you need to need to know about Netflix's Russian Doll season two

Russian Doll was a major hit for Netflix, and follows the troubled gaming programmer Nadia Vulvokov as she experiences the same couple of days again, and again, and again, each time dying and resetting time at her birthday party.

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So when will our sweet birthday baby be back for season two? Find out everything we know so far...

What will Russian Doll season two be about?

In the season one conclusion, it looks like Nadia and Alan have finally fixed the bug in the matrix of their lives by doing what they should have done originally - helped one another - and therefore reset order to the universe (while celebrating in a strange festival along the streets on NYC). With this time loop seemingly closed, where will season two go from here?

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The plot has been kept very much under wraps, but Natasha Lyonne told ET Online: "What can I tell you? It’s… you want to jump off a cliff creatively… I think I’m going to give you a series of murky answers but suffice to say, I’m very moved that people are interested in to the deep end and that was the revelation of Russian Doll connecting, so I guess my intention in our plans are to continue to dig deep in a way that is aesthetically enjoyable and feels funny on your insides."


Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy will be appearing in the new season

She added: "I will say that it does not become a show about dating in New York or anything like that—and no shade on those shows, but that’s not this show."

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Who will be in the cast of Russian Doll season two?

Based on the new first-look images, it looks like we can expect to see the return of just about everybody from season one, as well as some new faces. Fans can look forward to seeing Natasha reprise her role as Nadia alongside Charlie Barnett's Alan Zaveri (and of course Greta Lee's Maxine and Rebecca Henderson's Lizzy).

It has also been confirmed that Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy will be appearing in season two alongside House Of Cards’ actress Carolyn Michelle Smith.


Charlie Barnett will reprise his role as Alan

When will Russian Doll season two be released?

While a release date is yet to be confirmed, we can expect the series to return this spring. Production was delayed following the outbreak of coronavirus but NYC fans spotted Natasha filming for the series in April last year.

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