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We've all seen those TikToks telling us that we can manifest our [insert dream here]. But, whilst some people are already die-hard manifesters, promising that the spiritual technique has brought them everything they've wished for and more, others are slightly more skeptical about whether you can really think your way into a dream scenario. And don't quite know how to start manifesting, either...

As for us? We're probably in the Team Curious-About-Manifesting camp, but – like many – we feel a little clueless when it comes to beginning our manifestation journey. With that in mind, we spoke to 'expert manifester' Sarah Perl, also known as HotHighPriestess (who's built up a following of over 1.6 million thanks to her spiritual skills) to get the low-down on how to manifest your desires into reality...

What does manifest mean?

Before we get into how to manifest, let's first understand what manifesting actually is. "Manifestation is the act of using your thoughts as a means of turning a desire into a reality," says Sarah. So far, so intriguing.

Why do people manifest?

"For most, it is because they want to feel a sense of control over their reality," Sarah tells us. "They want to feel like they are the author of their own story and that ultimately they can choose and create their own destiny. It empowers people. And of course, people manifest because it works."

What type of things can you manifest?

"You can manifest anything," she adds. "So long as you can imagine it, you can manifest it. Big or small people have manifested it all."

Sarah continues, "Most of the people who use my manifesting workshop are manifesting love and successful careers or increased abundance, but I’ve had clients [say they've] successfully manifest citizenship, weight loss and better health. I’ve seen it all." However, it's important to note that there's no hard proof of any kind that anybody has ever been issued a visa or seen their health improve due to manifesting (although we do know there are links to positive thinking and stress reduction, which in turn can improve wellbeing).

How does manifestation work?

"Manifestation works in a dual nature," Sarah explains. "It operates on both a spiritual and psychological level."

Going into more detail, she adds: "There are various schools of thought revolving manifestation: the Law of Attraction, the Law of Assumption, so on and so forth. All of these assume that your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and focus create your own reality.

"Therefore, by shifting your internal thoughts and dialogue, you consequently alter your reality. Your internal beliefs will become your reality."

As for how that happens, Sarah points out, "Spiritually works because of the belief that the universe is a reflection of yourself and your own consciousness. Psychologically, this works because you reprogram the reticular activating system which is your brain’s 'filtration system'." As for how often you should manifest, for some people, manifesting daily feels right, whereas others might choose to set aside a time once a week. It's really up to you.

Ultimately, she tells us, "By shifting your focus, you shift your perception. At the end of the day, what really is reality? Reality is, after all, just your own perception of the world."

How to manifest

Step one

"The first and possibly most critical step, as I explain in my manifestation workshop, is to know and accept that you are the sole creator of your reality," Sarah tells us when asked how we can start manifesting. "What you think, believe and affirm is what your reality will become."

Step two

"You want to get clear about what it is you're manifesting, and be specific," the expert explains. "For example, if you're trying to manifest a text, think of a specific text you want to receive. Using your imagination and visualisation is also key here. You want to imagine the desire manifesting with the sensory vividness of reality.

"Close your eyes and imagine the exact scenario unfolding of you receiving your desire. If you can imagine it – you can create it. Open your mind to the idea that this is possible, and that you deserve this. And that brings me to my next step, you need to believe it is possible and believe that it is yours."

Step three

"You need to assume it is already within your reality and have full conviction that it is coming," Sarah says of the next step in your manifestation journey. "If you can assume it has already happened, that it is already yours, and live your life as though it is, you’ve done a great job."

And, she notes, it's important not to let any negativity get in your way. "Doubt kills your manifestations because it puts your focus on the thought that the manifestation is not coming," she adds. "So intercept your doubt with affirmations, keep affirming it is yours and persist."

Step four

"Self-concept is key. Know that the world is a mirror, everyone in your reality will project your own thoughts about yourself onto you – so the way to change others is by changing your own self-image. You tell the story!" she says.

"Feel free to kill off the past version of yourself and resurrect as the new version of you today. Who is that person? Embody them. Let go of doubt, do not concern yourself with your current circumstances or the 'how' – just know one way or another your desire will manifest."

Step five

"Live with full conviction that you are the creator, that you deserve this, that it is already yours. You’ve placed your order to the universe, and it will deliver."

Do you need any tools to manifest?

If you think you need to load up on crystals, candles and tarot cards to start manifesting, then think again. "Nothing but your own mind," Sarah tells us when we ask if we need any tools to help us manifest.

"You’ll often find people telling you that you need a certain crystal, candle or otherwise to manifest but truly all you need is yourself," she adds. "These things can help you tap into the energy of the thing you are manifesting, but really setting an intention and shifting your mindset is all that is needed."

Although you don't necessarily need to buy anything to start your manifestation journey, different manifestation techniques can act as the tool you need. "Some find manifesting methods helpful to tap into the state of visualisation such as the viral Whisper Method, which I teach on my TikTok, or the scripting method where you write a letter as if your desire has manifested," the expert tells us.

How will you know if your manifesting is working?

The answer to that question is simple: "You will know when you know."

"What I mean by this is that you’ll have the conviction that it is yours and it is coming, to the point where you feel as though it already has. You’ll have no more doubt. You’ll trust it is coming," Sarah explains. "You may begin to also see signs such as angel numbers (11:11, 222, etc). You may begin to see other coincidences. You’ll feel the least possible resistance to your desire."

But, don't lose hope if things don't happen right away. "Sometimes, you’ll notice everything has to go wrong before it goes right," she warns us. "For example, if you’re manifesting a higher income, you may be fired from your current job before getting hired for your dream job. Trust the process and know it is coming because you are the creator."

What should you do if your manifesting isn't working?

"Release resistance and doubt," Sarah advises if you think your manifestation isn't working. "You’re likely still retelling the old story of who you were, what you deserve and what you get."

Instead, she advises to "become more cognisant of what you're thinking throughout the day. What does your self-talk look like? Are you continuously affirming your manifestation or denying it? Are you expressing lack of trust? Do you embody the self-concept of the person who gets this desire?"

"Becoming hyper aware of your mental process can help," the pro adds. "But be kind to yourself, you’re human. It’s okay to have emotions and doubt and get frustrated. These things take time! So be patient, and know that one way or another, the Universe always delivers."

So, there you have it! Happy manifesting...

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