Everything you need to know about the launch of Hermès Beauty

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Hermès Beaute is officially launching in the UK next month.

The luxury French brand behind the iconic Birkin bag has unveiled a brand new subdivision, which will specifically cater to our beauty needs. It is the first time that beauty products will be available as a concrete line in Hermès' 180-year-plus history.

The exciting announcement sees the company follow in the footsteps of other luxury fashion houses, including Gucci, who recently released its own line of lip products.

Here's everything you need to know...

What is it?

The first collection from Hermès Beauty is a range of lipsticks, called Rouge Hermès, which are available in 24 shades and either matte or satin finishes. There will also be biannual limited edition offerings of three special colours, which we predict will sell out especially quickly.

How were the shades chosen?

Each lipstick shade was specifically chosen from the brand's impressive archive of over 900 leather shades and 75,000 silk swatches, meaning every one relates to a part of Hermès' impressive heritage.

It's also why, among the traditional reds and pinks inspired by some of the brand's most popular bags and scarves, there are more statement colours including purple and orange tones - the latter of which is the same as the signature Hermès packaging boxes.

Is the packaging sustainable?

The tri-coloured cases, designed by the creative director of Hermès jewellery and shoes Pierre Hardy, will not only make a chic statement on your dressing table - with the satisfying luxury 'click' when they close - but they are designed to be environmentally-friendly. In fact, they contain no plastic and are also refillable.

Any special features?

Fans of Hermès’ fragrances will be pleased to know that the lip colours are lightly scented, with the brand's perfumer Christine Nagel creating a completely custom blend especially for the lipsticks.

Adding to the luxury allure of the collection is the presence of a few accessories too, including a lip brush, leather carry case and mirror that doubles as a necklace.

Why has the brand gone into make-up?

Hermès sees its new subdivision as the perfect extension of its luxury brand, embodying all it stands for in terms of the perception of beauty and colour.

“Like a silk scarf gracing a woman’s neck that creates radiance and reveals her beauty, for Hermès Beauty we wanted to discover or rediscover the emotion of colour as a fundamental feminine trait,” says Bali Barret, the artistic director of Hermès Women.

“Our approach to beauty is fundamental", continued Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director of Hermès. “It is to reveal and highlight what is naturally there, with elegance, comfort and pleasure.”

When does it launch?

You don't have to wait long to get your hands on the lipsticks, as the Rouge Hermès collection is launching on 4 March. Plus, if you are still eager for more beauty launches from Hermès, you probably won't need to wait for long.

The brand plans to release other skews, rumoured to be foundations and colour cosmetics, every six months from September 2020, until a complete line of make-up is created. Skincare might not be far behind too.

Beautiful news indeed. We can't wait to see what treasures Hermès has for us next.

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