Ben Whishaw and Sarah Lancashire join cast of Netflix spy series Black Doves

Netflix has announced an exciting UK thriller series, starring Keira Knightley, called Black Doves.

This is Knightley's first Netflix Original project and it's set to be full of drama. Earlier this year her latest thriller Boston Strangler was released, where she plays Loretta McLaughlin – the reporter who broke the story of the serial killer. And now we're so excited to see what she does with another action-packed role.

Black Doves will be directed by Joe Barton and here's everything else we know so far about Netflix's Black Doves.

What is Black Doves about?

Black Doves is a new spy series set in London at Christmastime and follows Helen (Keira Knightley) who works as a spy and has been trading secrets about her politician husband for over 10 years to the organisation she works for called the Black Doves.

But when Helen's lover, Jason, is assassinated, Helen's boss Reed (Sarah Lancashire) calls in Helen's old friend Sam (Ben Whishaw) to keep her safe. The only trouble is Sam has problems of his own and they all come to a head when Sam and Helen attempt to find out who killed Jason and why. Together they work on the complicated mission that plunges them into a vast, interconnected conspiracy which links the murky underworld of London to a looming geopolitical crisis.

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Who will star in Black Doves?

Keira Knightley will be starring as the lead in Black Doves as Helen, a spy who has been trading secrets about her politician husband for years.

Sarah Lancashire has joined the cast as Helen's boss enigmatic spy-master Reed. And Ben Whishaw will be playing the role of Helen's friend Sam, who is tasked with keeping her safe.

Also joining the cast is Andrew Buchan, Andrew Koji, Kathryn Hunter , Sam Troughton, Ella Lily Hyland, Adam Silver, Ken Nwosu and Gabrielle Creevy. So far the rest of the cast members' roles have not been confirmed.

When will Black Doves be released?

Good news! Black Doves has already begun filming in London which means we hopefully won't be waiting too long for this series to drop on Netflix.

It's been estimated that we'll see Black Doves on Netflix in 2024 or 2025 – seeing as the series is set around Christmas, we're betting on an end-of-year festive release date.

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