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Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

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A Discovery of Witches is a drama with a cult following, and viewers will be thrilled to hear that filming for series three is well underway.

Sky confirmed that first day of filming had successfully been completed back in September 2020, sharing a picture of the set on Twitter with the caption: "All of the daemons, vampires and witches together again. First day of #ADiscoveryOfWitches Season 3 complete!"

Adapted from the best-selling All Souls novel series by Deborah Harkness, the fantasy drama follows the intense relationship between a witch and a vampire, formed after a magical manuscript is discovered in a library at Oxford University.

Season two was confirmed just as the first series - which became Sky One's most popular dramas of 2018 - had debuted. Season three was announced shortly after.


Viewers will be transported back to Elizabethan London in the second instalment, with Matthew (Matthew Goode, Downton Abbey) and Diana (Teresa Palmer, Hacksaw Ridge) looking for a mentor to help Diana's control her power, while hiding in time from the Congregation.

We know that season 3 will be adapted from the final book in Deborah's trilogy The Book of Life - but what can fans expect from season three?

We take a look below...

A Discovery of Witches season 3: Cast

Season two will feature the return of our star-crossed lovers, Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop, and Matthew Good as Matthew Clairmont. Other returning characters will inlcude Sarah Bishop (Doctor Who's Alex Kingston), Emily Mather (Half & Half's Valarie Pettiford), Nathaniel Wilson (Daniel Ezra), Marcus Whitmore (Killing Eve's Edward Bluemel) and Sophie Norman (Aisling Loftus from Mr Selfridge).

The series will also introduce us to some exciting new cast members, including Steven Cree (Outlander) as Gallowglass De Clermont, a vampire and soldier of fortune who is particularly fond of his uncle, Matthew.

Photo credit: Sky UK Limited
Photo credit: Sky UK Limited

Sheila Hancock will appear as elder witch Goody Alsop, while James Purefoy stars as Philippe De Clermont, founder of the Congregation, commander of the Knights of Lazarus, mate of Ysabeau, and stepfather to Matthew.

Paul Rhys plays Andrew Hubbard, the vampire ruler of all creatures in London in 1590, and Adelle Leonce stars as human art curator Phoebe Taylor, who steals Marcus' heart.

Victoria star Tom Hughes also joins as Kit Marlowe, the famed English playwright, poet and translator of the Elizabethan era.

Edward Bluemel told Good Housekeeping UK that season three will feature all of the characters reuniting in the present day again, so we can probably expect the return of the original cast once more - but perhaps not the characters we meet in Elizabethan London.

"I think it's really nice to see some of the characters reconnect - who haven't seen each other in season two - it's great to see the whole gang back together," Ed revealed.

Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

A Discovery of Witches season 3: What's it about?

The Book of Life follows the final steps in the story of Diana and Matthew Clairmont as they begin to unravel the secrets of their enigmatic manuscript. The couple are also on a mission of revenge, seeking the final pages of the Book of Life, and bringing justice to witches and vampires that have wronged them.

Adelle Leonce has revealed that the characters will be splitting up to embark on their own quests, so fans get expect lots of "different adventures".

"This series kind of divides..." Adelle told Good Housekeeping UK. "Everyone goes off on their own mission so we see a real split in the characters. Diana gets her sidekick, and I'm all about helping her, and Marcus goes off and does his thing. It's such a complex book and so much to cover... So lots of different avenues lots of different adventures and lots of big moments to look forward to."

Edward added: "Plot-wise it's hard to say too much! It's strange because plot-wise as well, it's the third book, so lots of people will know what happens. It's nice to see the whole gang back together after season two."

A Discovery of Witches season 3: When's it on TV?

There isn't an air date for A Discovery of Witches season three just yet, but as they've just started filming, and season two is airing in January 2021, we can probably expect it in early 2022. Watch this space for more news.

A Discovery of Witches season 3: Is there a trailer?

Not yet! But we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for clips and trailers.


A Discovery of Witches season 2 returns on 8 January 2021, on Sky One.

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