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Photo credit: Netflix

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Bling Empire on Netflix has left us with lots of questions. Firstly, is there going to be a season 2 (hiya Netflix please let us have a season 2)? Then it's exactly how much money do the cast members have? And are Kelly and Andrew are really back together after that bombshell final scene?

But another question we're dying to know the answer to is if former pop star Cherie Chan and boyfriend Jessey Lee are married following that incredible proposal? The cute couple are parents to daughter Jadore and son Jevon but aren't yet hitched, which is regularly discussed on the show as breaking with cultural expectations.

Christine repeatedly asks Cherie if Jessey is planning to propose and can't hide her shock at them being parents without tying the knot first. But while Jessey makes it clear he's in no rush to get down on one knee, Cherie is keen to get married to her partner.

Eventually, Cherie decides she's going to propose to Jessey at their son's party in Las Vegas. Standing on stage in front of their friends and family, Cherie asks Jessey to marry her and, after some awkward silence, he's pushed for an answer by Kane - and he says of course it's a yes.

So, with the scenes being filmed back in 2019, does it mean the engaged couple are now a married couple? Well, according to Instagram it looks like they're not married... yet. There are no wedding photos and we know these two won't hold back when it comes to their big day. And while Cherie is wearing the incredible diamond promise ring Jessey gave her, there's no sign of a wedding band in any of her photos.

Whether this means the special day is yet to happen or it's being kept under wraps for Bling Empire season 2, we don't know. But what we do know is 1) they're happy and that's all that matters 2) this wedding is going to be absolutely epic if/when it does eventually happen.

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