Everything Dua Lipa did to get the 🔥🔥🔥 body she has now

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  • Dua Lipa
    Dua Lipa
    British singer-songwriter and model
Photo credit: Dua Lipa - Instagram
Photo credit: Dua Lipa - Instagram

Much like her hit single Hotter Than Hell, Dua Lipa's body is quite literally hotter than hell (as is her confidence). Seriously, we're talking all the fire emojis. It's no wonder then, that she shows off her very toned bod all over socials, with pics like this one, which quite literally screams: "LOOK AT MY ABS!" We're looking Dua, we're looking.

If, like us, you've been inspired by the singer to experiment with some more ab-focussed exercises yourself, you might have found yourself trawling through her Instagram to find out exactly how she stays in such amazing shape. So, with that in mind, we decided to save you the hard work and took a deep-dive into Dua's health and fitness regime.

Let's bear in mind though, as banging as Dua's body is, it's important to remember that every. body. is. beautiful. Yep, each of us are absolute stunners in our very own way and, none of us (repeat: none of us) should feel pressured to change a single thing about ourselves.

That's not to say we should all cancel our gym memberships, but rather there's no harm in taking a little bit of inspo here and there from our fave celebrities and their preferred workouts. It's all about finding what works best for you and your body, rather than obsessively trying to get someone else's. Because, spoiler alert, you'll never have that body, you'll always have yours.

So, why not show it the love it deserves (and hopefully have some fun in the process)? r

What is Dua Lipa's workout routine?

Early morning workouts

Dua says her key to keeping fit is squeezing in a workout early in the morning, as this helps ensure she's motivated throughout the day – "getting physical really starts my day off right" she told Refinery29.

As for how she starts the day, the singer says she kicks off most mornings with a Zoom workout class lead by her pal, Ella Jenkin (it's rumoured that the 8:30am Sculpt By Ella session is her favourite), as Dua says this is "normally the time I give myself to work out."

If she's not in the mood for a Zoom sesh though, the singer reveals her best friend Bunny "comes over to train me on days when I’m feeling super lazy and need someone to get me motivated."

HIIT sessions when she's short on time

When it comes to working out, Dua says it's important for her to always fit in a session, even when her schedule is busier than busy.

"I try and work out as much as I can," she told Viva magazine back in 2018. "I love doing something that’s really fast and quick, like a 15-minute HIIT session which I can do before I start my day. If I’ve got a really early call time, I don’t want to be waking up hours before I need to go and do a workout. So [I do] a high-intensity workout, shower, breakfast, and I’m on my way."

Core-focussed fitness

As we all know, Dua's abs are *chefs kiss*. It's no surprise then, that much of her workouts focus on toning up her tum and include a range of ab workouts like bicycle crunches and leg raises. Speaking to Viva, she explained how she keeps her tummy toned using a "variation of crunches."

"Planks are good," she added, "although almost certainly my least favourite!"

Sweaty boxing sessions

For Dua, boxing isn't just a way to burn calories, it's also the perfect outlet to burn off the stress that comes with a schedule as full-on as hers. "I love boxing in my spare time," she said, according to Beauty Crew. "I like doing it for fitness [and] I like doing it just to kinda clear my mind. I really enjoy it. I like that it's definitely a full body workout. Since starting boxing I've probably been in the best shape ever. It's also a great stress reliever." BRB, just off to buy some boxing gloves...

Switching things up

To stay motivated, the 26-year-old says it's vital that she keeps her workouts interesting. To do that, she makes sure she switches up her fitness routine on the reg. "When I have a tiny bit more time on my side I love mixing up lots of different training, finding different workouts in whatever city I'm in, whether it's yoga, Pilates, boxing or spinning," the singer said, via Marie Claire.

"Whatever it is, I try to change it up every day to keep things interesting. When you're on a tour bus, every day and every place is different, so you never know what you're going to find. That's always one way to keep it interesting."

What is Dua Lipa's diet like?

Eating food she loves

For Dua, forgoing her favourite foods is not part of her fitness regime. In fact, quite the opposite. "I love cooking and being surrounded by my favourite people," she told Refinery29. "With all the running around I do for work, it’s nice to come home, slow down and connect with the food that nourishes my body and life." We couldn't agree more!

Maintaining balance

As with everything, Dua says it's important for her to have a well-rounded diet that doesn't limit her from having the sweet treats she often craves. "I try and stay as healthy as possible whenever I can," she said, according to Beauty Crew. "[But] I'm never one to stop myself having treats, I do love naughty treats. But I try and limit it to days when I'm not as busy, because if I do eat a doughnut it usually puts me in a food coma!"

Filling up on whole foods

According to Health Yogi, Dua tries to eat healthy, whole foods as much as possible. For breakfast, she typically opts for eggs or fruit, followed by cashew butter and a banana before her workouts. At lunch, she grabs a chicken salad with plenty of veggies and a cold juice. As for dinner, it's more fresh vegetables and salad with fish, then she'll treat herself to something sugary in the evening, like a packet of sweets.

Authentic Albanian foods

When she's in the mood for comfort food, the IDGAF singer says she finds herself craving traditional Albanian dishes which remind her of the meals her parents used to cook growing up. Appearing in a YouTube video with First We Feast, she revealed her favourite Albanian dishes include ajvar (a dipping sauce made from red bell peppers), spinach pie and sujuk (a spicy, fermented sausage).

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