Everyone's saying the same thing about Joe and Love in You season three

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

You season three might have only just landed on Netflix two days ago, but that doesn't mean we haven't already binged all ten episodes – and tbh, we're thinking about going in for round two. But we're not the only fans of the show who cancelled their weekend plans in favour of the series, with plenty of viewers taking to socials to share their thoughts on the new season. And, as it turn out, everyone's saying the same thing about main characters, Joe and Love.

"Joe and Love discussing who's the worse murderer," said one viewer, with another tweeting "Joe and Love trying to top each other on who's more fucked up," alongside a photo of an UNO switch card.

"'Our love language is violence.' Joe and Love are NUTS," tweeted someone else, with a fourth fan adding "I don’t see why Joe doesn’t think Love is the one? Dude obviously you both are the PERFECT match for each other!" Another viewer wrote: "So funny how Love and Joe are so horrified by each other when they're both serial killers at equally violent levels."

Other viewers couldn't help but comment on the (spoiler alert) amount of dead bodies the couple have racked up since moving to their new neighbourhood. "How many bodies have Love and Joe accumulated this season," said one fan of the show, with another tweeting "Love and Joe after moving to Madre Linda." A third person added: "Joe and Love after killing the entire neighbourhood."

And on that note, we'll leave you with this...

Is it time for season four yet?

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