Everyone thought the Twitter ad that aired during Oscars was for Dove

That powerful women’s empowerment ad during the Oscars was from Twitter — not Dove. (Photo: Twitter)

Social media is buzzing about the awesome women’s empowerment ad that aired during the Oscars — except many think it’s a Dove commercial when it’s really an ad for Twitter.

In the middle of Hollywood’s biggest night, a black-and-white commercial aired. It featured a very diverse cast of women. Quick clips of women moved against a spoken word soundtrack performed by Denice Frohman. There were a few famous faces, including Issa Rae and Ava DuVernay. “I heard a woman becomes herself the first time she speaks without permission,” Frohman says powerfully as different faces flash across the screen. “Then every word out her mouth, a riot,” she continues.

The commercial is powerful, and people are loving it. The only problem is, no one knows what it’s for. Maybe because of phrases like, “Say ‘beautiful’ and point to the map of your body. Say ‘brave’ and wear your skin like a gown,” most viewers think this is a Dove ad.

Other participants include Oracle executive Jennifer Renaud and female Twitter employees like Nola Weinstein, senior director of marketing and communications, and one of the people who helped create this campaign, titled #HereWeAre. The hashtag flashes across the screen at the end of the commercial, before a very familiar brand logo of a bird appears.

While Dove’s logo is a bird, it’s not that bird. This bird is the Twitter logo. And even though it appeared in the beginning of the ad as well, few recognized it. But everyone loved it, and they took to Twitter, ironically enough, to mistakenly give Dove some credit.

Even after Twitter posted the commercial shortly after it aired, many people were still convinced it was for Dove.

Some caught on, and others, including celebrities like Questlove, still weren’t sure.

There are a few reasons for the confusion. The first and most obvious (or maybe not) being the similarity between their logos.

Plus, Dove has made ads celebrating the empowerment of women in the past. Twitter has not, according to users.

And then of course, the mentions of skin and body, which Dove products are used for.

At the end of the day, the ad sparked conversation and has an important message for women, no matter what deodorant or social media platform they use: “When we discovered life on another planet, it was a woman. And she built a bridge, not a border. I heard this is how you make history. This is how you create a new world.” And the timing couldn’t have been better — during an event that honors an industry famous for mistreating women.

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