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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

For most of us the Great British Bake Off is, understandably, the highlight of the week. There's nothing quite like spending your Tuesday evenings with a cup of tea and a pack of chocolate digestives while watching the contestants stress over soggy bottoms and crumbling cake. But this week, viewers weren't happy with the episode, and took to Twitter to share the same complaint.

It's all to do with the lack of subtitles that were available (or rather not available) during the episode, which Channel 4 says is due to ongoing technical issues following a fire that broke out at their broadcasting centre on Saturday (25 September). The fire lead to the channel going off air for several hours, and multiple programmes on both Channel 4 and Channel 5 have been affected.

But viewers expected the issues with subtitling to have been resolved in time for Tuesday's GBBO, and questioned why getting subtitles back up had not been a priority for Channel 4. "The frustration is real over no subtitles on @Channel4 - missing out on programmes like Bake Off! So inaccessible," tweeted on viewer, while someone else said "Since that TV crash the other day, Channel 4 and all its offshoots have no subtitles. I am deaf. This is very, very bad. #channel4 please DO something."

Another unhappy viewer wrote, "Been looking forward to watching #BakeOff all day and get home from work to forget that theres no subtitles on channel 4 at the moment." A fourth person tweeted, "@Channel4 Why are you failing to provide #subtitles for your hearing impaired viewers? #BakeOff - is without subtitles and whole swathes of programmes on E4 are also unsubtitled. What’s going on?"

Here's what other viewers had to say...

On Tuesday (28 September), Channel 4 shared an announcement about the technical issues on Twitter. The broadcaster said: "Sadly we’re still experiencing some tech issues which means some viewers may have problems watching our channels or access services. Sorry for the ongoing disruption – we’ll let you know here as and when we have updates."

Cosmopolitan UK has reached out to Channel 4 for comment.

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