Everyone is obsessed with Netflix's new K-drama Hellbound

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Photo credit: Jung Jaegu | Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Jung Jaegu | Netflix - Netflix

Netflix's huge selection of K-dramas have been quickly filling up our watchlists - from this year's big hit Squid Game, to fan-favourites Vincenzo and Kingdom.

And now, there's a new Netflix K-drama that everyone's obsessed with, and it looks epic.

Introducing: Hellbound. The streaming platform's new crime-mystery is about as dark as it gets, telling the story of otherworldly beasts who arrive on earth to prophesize people's deaths and condemn them to hell, giving rise to an ominous religious group in the process.

Hellbound debuted on the streamer on Friday [19 November], with all six episodes in season 1 dropping at once. Despite the show literally just coming out, fans are already thoroughly invested, taking to Twitter to share their excitement, obviously.

The show is currently ranking at No.5 in the UK (at the time of writing). So, yep, time to get this one on your watchlist ASAP.

For those who've already watched it, the reviews are in and fans are pretty much obsessed, with many already calling for a second season.

One viewer dubbed the show "so good but so disturbing on so many levels," while another wrote, "#Hellbound is frustrating the 'hell' outta me and makes me wanna scream ... but in a good way".

Meanwhile, another described the series as what would happen if "Squid Game and The Handmaid’s Tale had a baby". Sounds like a pretty chilling combo to us.

Others are *very* keen for the show to get a season 2, so here's hoping there'll be more where that came from. Here's what the rest of Twitter had to say:

Here's hoping there's more on the way!

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