Everyone is making the same joke on Kim Kardashian's latest bikini post

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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram

During her romantic getaway to The Bahamas with new boyfriend Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian did what she does best and posted a steamy bikini picture on Instagram. While some fans were obsessing over the cryptic - and possibly very loved-up - caption, others were making the same joke about one tiny detail in the post.

Okay, let's backtrack because this has been a busy week to be a Pete and Kim stan. The new couple started the year strong, reportedly spending lots of very happy time together over Christmas and New Years. And while it looked like there could be some drama on the horizon after Pete's co-hosting gig with Miley Cyrus (Miley shaded the new relationship and Kim unfollowed her on Instagram etc. etc.), all that seemed to have dissipated when Pete and Kim headed off to The Bahamas for a romantic getaway.

Once on a sun lounger Kim wasted no time posting a typically steamy bikini shot to Instagram, along with a tantalisingly cryptic caption which appeared to reference Mariah Carey's song 'Sweet Fantasy', which includes the lyrics, "With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriend."

Obviously fans quickly took this to be a reference to the Skims founder's new relationship with SNL star Pete Davidson and promptly lost it. However, while some were commenting that what we really want is Kim x Pete content others were more hung up about something else about the post, specifically, why is Kim using old school wire headphones?

"You’d think she could afford some cordless earphones?" one fan commented on the post, while another said, "headphones with cords are making a comeback."

Meanwhile on Twitter she was getting much the same feedback;

Well, time to dust off those wire headphones. After all, they're much harder to lose.

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