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The Undoing is the latest edge-of-your-seat thriller keeping us all guessing with its mysterious twists and turns after Elena Alves was found brutally murdered in her New York City art studio. But while we're still two episodes away from the series finale ~ and presumably the big killer reveal~ we have plenty of theories about who the killer could be.

"Do you have some idea who killed her?" was one of the closing lines from the latest episode. "I do, yeah," Hugh Grant's character Jonathan Fraser replies. So do we think Jonathan is telling the truth about not killing Elena Alves, or is he bluffing? *Spoilers ahead.*

Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant)

With a clear motive, Jonathan Fraser is the most obvious culprit in Elena's murder. He's admitted to having an affair with her and fathering her newborn child. He also admitted they had sex the night of her death, but said it was followed by an argument and he left her before the murder. Making him appear even more guilty, he completely vanished after her death and left his phone at home. However, despite all the hard evidence against him, Jonathan insists he didn't kill Elena.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman)

At the end of season three, the police showed Grace footage of her walking past the scene of the crime right around the time of the murder. Grace said she was "just walking" because that's what she does to clear her head, but understandably the detectives don't seem entirely convinced. We know Grace and Elena had some interaction before her death and the police also revealed Elena had called Grace on multiple occasions, but she never picked up. Not only that, Grace seems to be all too willing to let Jonathan back into her life after he's just fathered a baby with someone else. It's all very suss.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Sylvia Steineitz (Lily Rabe)

This one is slightly left field, but something makes me think Sylvia knows a lot more than she's letting on. Jonathan confided in Sylvia about the affair early on and Sylvia was at the fundraiser board meeting when we were first introduced to Elena - did she arrange for her to be there? If so, why? Also, Sylvia turned up to see Jonathan in court and the glare he gave her as he was being led out in cuffs suggests there's far more to their story.

Franklin Reinhardt (Donald Sutherland)

After threatening the headteacher at his grandson's school, Franklin made it clear he's determined to protect his family at all costs. With that in mind, one fan theory is that Franklin found out Jonathan was cheating on Grace and murdered Elena to frame his son-in-law. Franklin was at the fundraiser the night she was murdered, so he would have been fully aware of her movements.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Fernando Alves (Ismael Cruz Cordova)

Another character with a clear motive, Elena's husband Fernando knew the newborn wasn't his child so must have known about his wife's affair with Jonathan. He was an initial suspect, but police said he had an alibi for the night of the murder. Following Elena's death, he's been following Grace but the pair are yet to speak to each other about what happened. What does he want to tell her? Could they have planned the murder together?

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Henry Fraser (Noah Jupe)

Another theory is that Grace and Jonathan's son Henry murdered Elena to protect his father after discovering their affair. In episode four, Jonathan says he knows who the killer is. Could it be that he knows his son did it, but hasn't told anyone in order to protect him?

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