Every Sports Mogul Needs David Beckham's Custom Tudor Watch

Murray Clark
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From Esquire

A 0-1 loss to Los Angeles FC won't deter David Beckham. Oh no. His big 'soccer' baby has been six years in the womb, and a disappointing debut doesn't necessarily mean a disappointing season ahead. They've got a very nice logo, for one. Qatar signed a comically vast £180 million sponsorship deal last month. And lest we forget that Beckham – a Golden Boot with menswear classics – is the ultimate BIG SPORTS mogul. He's got the watch to prove it.

At Inter Miami's last training session, the 44-year-old talked tactics and looked all concerned in a custom-built Tudor Pelagos. Long an ambassador for the outdoors-geared marque (which only saw a return to the market in 2013 following a hiatus), the piece itself is the sort of quieter dive piece that Tudor does so well: functional, robust, but not quite the gold-gilded arm cannon that really has no place splashing around in the deep end.

It should be on the side of a football pitch instead. That's because the Pelagos clocks in at a noticeable 42mm – large enough to pop below the cuff of a tracksuit or hoody – with a black dial, ceramic bezel and a final kiss of the fingers in an Inter Miami crest replacing the usual Tudor branding at 6 o'clock.

The entire design is often seen as a mark two of the Black Bay: another dive watch stablemate, just without the technical pedigree of the Pelagos. For inside, you've got an MT5612 calibre (a movement exclusive to Tudor) instead of a regular ETA movement, and a pretty special helium escape valve which is telling of the marque's dedication to making watches that are fit-for-purpose, in addition to peak physical fitness.

Because the Tudor Pelagos is as quietly handsome as you'll get. It's shiny, yes. But a degree subtler than big bougie gold watches thanks to its titanium construction. It's technical, too. But with a relatively uncluttered dial that swerves complexity (or, worse, being over-engineered). All that makes for the perfect sports mogul watch, the sort of canonised big leaguer that knows a thing or two about Swiss horology seeing as he's on his 104th fancy piece.

Granted, a win in the MLS is probably the best way to portray yourself as a co-owner wonder proper. But a custom Tudor watch is a kick in the right direction.

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