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2020 was a long year, but a new decade summons a new you, and it's time you took a look at that facial fuzz you've got going on. And yes, depending on your current tier, you could get it seen to by a professional, but we're making the case for a DIY approach to get that Ant Middleton look – with the right bit of kit, of course.

Every beard is unique, so our trimmer edit helps you find what works for you and for your lifestyle. Crucially, there are a few things you need to know to avoid facial topiary catastrophe and, of course, how to actually use the best beard trimmers like a pro.

With some of the bigger sales periods over from the end of 2020 (think Black Friday and the Christmas offers) it's time to look ahead to the January sales and beyond.

Let's get to it.

Photo credit: Prostock-Studio - Getty Images
Photo credit: Prostock-Studio - Getty Images

Which Beard Trimmer Is Best For You?

Trimmer Length Range

Most trimmers will come with attachable combs that can range from 0.2mm to 25mm.

Others have adjustable combs built in that you can change with a wheel or a touchscreen to give you the desired length.


Some trimmers will come with additional extras to make your shaving experience easier. Whether it’s combs, precision blades, travel and storage cases, or even beard oil, check out what else is on offer when you buy to get the most out of your bundle.

Battery Life

If you like to spend your time perfecting your beard in the morning, you’ll want a long battery life to keep up with your intricate shaving routine.

Photo credit: Daniel Boczarski - Getty Images
Photo credit: Daniel Boczarski - Getty Images

The devices we have on this list will last anywhere between 45 minutes and three hours, which should keep you going over multiple shaves. We typically take around 25 minutes to sculpt our facial fuzz.

Recharge Time

Battery life is one thing, but you also need to look out for how long it takes to get back to 100% charge. The trimmers on this list can take anywhere between one and eight hours to regain their juice.

On top of this, all the razors below can be used with the cord still plugged in if you never want to worry about charging it back up. All on this list will have the option to use it with or without the cord if you want more freedom to move around.

According to Craig Meggs, barber at Ruffians, the most important things to look for in a new trimmer are manoeuvrability, adjustability and, of course, price.

"Beard trimmers vary in size and durability. It’s best to go for smaller, lighter-weight beard trimmers that come with a cordless rechargeable option, which will help both speed and accuracy.”

Meggs suggests looking out for an adjustable blade head to get the perfect blend across your beard. It might cost a bit more, but he reckons it’s worth it.

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

“A beard is easy to keep sharp if it’s trimmed regularly," says Meggs. "Every three days should be fine. The more frequently you maintain the less time you will spend on it in the long run. If left too long between trimming the shape will disappear and it will take longer to achieve the desired result.”

Meggs also recommends using a beard oil to keep it looking shiny and nourished.

Before we get into the rundown of the top beard trimmers, it's worth noting that a lot of the popular devices are sold on Amazon, which is handy if you are signed up to Amazon Prime. If you're a subscriber, you can get free next-day delivery and access to new, exclusive offers that might help you save even more money on extras, like beard oils or aftershave.

Amazon Prime is £7.99 a month to sign up to, or you can get the full year for £79.99 up front. We reckon you should sign up and then if you need an emergency trim in time for the new year, you won't have to wait a few days to get your trimmer in the mail.

Best Beard Trimmers

The Best Beard Trimmers to Buy in 2021

The Precision Option

Braun Beard Trimmer BT5260 and Hair Clipper for Men

Trimmer length range: 0.5-10mm trimmer, additional comb 11-20mm

Accessories: Beard comb, Gillette Fusion5 razor, hair comb, detail trimmer, smart plug charger, cleaning brush

Battery life: 100 minutes

Charge time: One hour

This razor is the one to go for if you want a total shave from top to bottom, as it comes with an electric razor and a wet-shave razor in one bundle so you can get sharp edges and tidy up the neckline while also trimming your beard. Use the trimming attachment to get precise edges on your beard, and adjust the settings using the dial to change across 39 lengths.

Not only that, but it will come with two attachable combs if you want to trim your actual hair too.

The Premium Option

Philips Series 5000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer

Trimmer length range: 0.4-10mm (in 2mm increments)

Accessories: Lift & Trim comb, long beard comb, storage pouch

Battery life: 90 minutes

Charge time: One hour

The Philips Series 5000 is a solid razor to keep all kinds of beards in check this winter. This one is a great option if you have a longer beard. We have been using this one ourselves for a few weeks now, and have managed to get an even trim with little fuss every time we shave.

Attach the extra combs to combat a wide length of beards and hair styles on the fly, switching between trimming your beard or shaping your barnet whenever you want.

Waterproof and capable of plenty of tidying up within the hour-long battery, this is a great option for taming those pesky whiskers.

The Ultimate Precision Option

Remington TouchTech Beard Trimmer for Men

Trimmer length range: 0.4mm - 18mm in 0.1mm increments

Accessories: Adjustable beard comb, travel pouch, cleaning brush, charging adapter

Battery life: 50 minutes

Charge time: 1 hour

At the top-end of Remington’s range, this trimmer has a frankly absurd level of shaving precision thanks to the 175 length settings you can choose from.

The digital touchscreen –which lights up automatically when you pick it up– shows you the exact length you’re on, and you can press the arrows on-screen to increase or decrease the length in 0.1mm increments.

And if you’ve found the perfect length for you, the razor will remember up to four settings for the next time you turn it on so you can keep your facial fuzz tidy every time.

The All-In-One Option

BaByliss For Men Pro Beard Trimmer

Trimmer length range: 1-12mm in 0.5mm increments

Accessories: One comb, one cleaning brush, oil, charging adaptor

Battery life: 60 minutes

Charge time: 8 hours

Sometimes keeping track of all your grooming accessories can get a bit cumbersome, so why not pick up this budget BaByliss beard trimmer that is an all-in-one razor that keeps the beard tidy with just one attachment.

There’s a wheel on the back of the trimmer to adjust the length setting in 0.5mm increments, which is great for keeping shorter beards and stubble tidy.

And if you need that closer, precision shave, simply remove the comb to get around the edges of your beard.

Again, it has a really long recharge time like others on this list, which might bug some men who like to shave regularly, but it’s a budget-friendly device to keep those whiskers in check.

The Big Battery Option

Wahl Beard Trimmer Men, Aqua Blade Hair Trimmers for Men

Trimmer length range: 0.2-25mm in 0.5mm increments

Accessories: Eight attachable combs, four close-trim attachments, beard comb, storage pouch, blade oil, cleaning brush

Battery life: 180 minutes

Charge time: 1 hour

No other option on this list will last as long as the Wahl Aqua Blade, which comes packed with a giant battery, an impressively fast recharge, and lots of useful attachable combs, which will also do your hair.

There are 12 different combs to help guide your shaving (lengths ranging from 0.2-25mm). And if you need a closer shave, just take off all the combs and get a precision shave with the standard blade.

The Simple Option

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer

Trimmer length range: 1, 3, 5mm increments

Accessories: One additional blade, three combs

Battery life: 45 minutes

Charge time: 8 hours

This is another razor we have used for several shaves in the last few months, and we love just how precise we can get with this simple-to-use device.

There are no gizmos or gadgets with this entry-level Philips trimmer, just a simple, powerful blade for trimming stubble and three attachable combs to help you maintain a slightly longer beard. It excels at managing a five o’clock shadow though, giving you sharp edges and a clean neckline every time.

The battery life and recharge time could be better, but it’s a reasonably priced razor for short and medium-length beards.

The Christmas option

King C. Gillette Cordless Beard Trimmer Kit

Trimmer length range: 1 -21mm in 0.5mm increments

Accessories: Three combs, edge razor, neck razor, trimmer kit

Battery life: 45 minutes

Charge time: 50 minutes

Probably one of the best options on this list, this collection of grooming tools should be an excellent kit to help you keep your beard in check. With four razors: one to keep your neck clean, an edging and tone razor, a double-edge razor, and an electric trimmer, there's a razor for your every need.

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