Ever wanted to disappear? Here's a real-life invisibility cloak


First you see him, then you don't.

It may appear like a magic trick seen only in the likes of fantasy film, but what you're actually looking at is someone using a real-life "invisibility cloak".

Developed by a Canadian company called Hyperstealth, the material bends light around objects - leaving only the background visible to the eye.

It doesn't require power, works in any environment, and can conceal people, buildings, vehicles, or aircraft.

There are thirteen different versions with varying features such as the ability to move shadows in different directions, and bending the thermal, ultraviolet, and infrared spectrum, too -- meaning people can fly under multiple radars.

The company hopes the so-called "Quantum Stealth" material will have a range of uses, from military operations, to hiding police officers doing roadside speed checks, to the more humble need to conceal ugly air con units.