Have You Ever Seen Anything More Beautiful Than This Mint Maltesers Easter Egg?

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: @well_this_is_new_
Photo credit: @well_this_is_new_

From Delish

Maltesers is offering up a few new products for Easter 2021. First up there’s the new orange flavoured Maltesers Bunnies, which prove chocolate orange is officially here to stay. We’re also well into the white chocolate Mini Maltesers Bunnies, which are the cutest little fellas we’ve ever seen.

But if you’re looking for something a little grander, a little more minty, then you’re in luck.

Maltesers has released a Mint Maltesers Buttons Easter Egg. Hooray!

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The Maltesers Mint XL Egg comes with a milk chocolate egg and three bags of those delicious Maltesers Mint Buttons. It’s exclusive to Tesco stores, so keep that in mind when you head out to stock up on Easter eggs. This bad boy will set you back £7.99.

We told you it was a great year for new and exciting Maltesers Easter treats.

Another Easter egg we’re particularly egg-cited about (I can’t help it, okay?!) is this Cadbury Mini Eggs one, which has literal Mini Eggs embedded in the chocolate shell of the egg.

We first spotted the egg a while back when @helenjtea shared photos and even videos of the egg on Instagram.

She said in the caption that this particular Easter egg is probably twice the size of any Mini Eggs Easter egg she’s seen in the past. FINE BY US!

According to the post, you can get your hands on one of these mammoth eggs from Tesco, which is convenient – grab a basket and pop a Mint Maltesers Button egg and one of these in there and job’s a good’un.

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