Evan Rachel Wood recalls 'breaking point' in Marilyn Manson abuse

Evan Rachel Wood has discussed the "breaking point" which led her to open up about the alleged abuse she received at the hands of ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson.

Speaking before Congress in 2018, the actress gave testimony recounting her abuse - though it wasn't until 2021 that she named the musician, born Brian Warner, as the perpetrator.

Talking to Dr Ramani Durvasula on the clinical psychologist's Navigating Narcissism podcast, Evan explained why she went public with her claims - citing stress seizures and the "weight of it all" as her main reasons.

"When I realised what a physical impact this was having on me and it was making it nearly impossible to just move about my life normally and comfortably and safely... that was such a breaking point for me," Evan, 36, stated.

Her testimony came the year after the #MeToo movement exploded in Hollywood.

The Westworld lead explained how afraid she was of her then-boyfriend, who she began dating when she was 18 and he was 37.

She recalled feeling like she was "dead anyway" and so she orchestrated a way for the shock rocker to break it off with her. The couple split in 2010.

Evan has previously spoken about the abuse in HBO documentary Phoenix Rising and opened up further with Dr Durvasula.

She said, "You and him and a mound of cocaine and he would keep you up and stay awake just berating you, telling you everything that was wrong with the world and the people around you, everything you were doing wrong, all the ways you were failing him and failing yourself, the suspicions he had towards you, he would start wrecking the house.

"It was this non-stop onslaught of words and monologues, this constant stream of negativity that I felt like I couldn't escape and couldn't stop... it's where the brainwashing and abuse started taking place. He wouldn't stop until you gave in or started agreeing with everything he was saying or making the phone calls he wanted you to make."

Manson has denied all allegations levelled against him.