Evan Mock launches swimwear range with Acacia

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Evan Mock wants to honour Hawaii credit:Bang Showbiz
Evan Mock wants to honour Hawaii credit:Bang Showbiz

Evan Mock is launching a swimwear and apparel collection with Acacia.

The 'Gossip Girl' star, skateboarder and designer's brand Sorry in Advance has teamed up with the Hawaiian-based label for a new limited edition collaboration inspired by his own hometown of Waimea Bay on the northern shore of O'ahu.

He told WWD: "Every project that I work on, I try to glorify Hawaii. Hawaii is my everything.

"Basically, Hawaii is the best place in the world and everyone who goes there either gets stuck there or wants to come back as soon as they leave.

"And it is just such a big part of my lifestyle that I always try to honor that. And [the brand] Acacia kind of embodies that whole entire situation of beach life."

The collection will feature 46 pieces including men's, women's and children's swimwear and beach-to-street apparel.

He heaped praise on Acacia founder Naomi Acacia Newirth - who created the label in 2010 and serves as its creative director and designer - and her team for knowing "their s***".

He added: "Naomi and them, they have it so tapped in with bathing suits.

“They know their s*** pretty well and basically all I had to do was come in with some ideas and design. They had the rest figured out."

There is also a bonus for Evan getting to work with someone he's been friends with for a long time, which is how he prefers to work.

He explained: "That’s kind of the only reason why I do anything. I like to work with my friends.”

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