Eva Mendes confuses fans with message to her family in tribute gone wrong

All Eva Mendes wanted out of her latest social media post is to wish her father a happy birthday, but unfortunately Instagram's translation tool was not in her favor.

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The star majorly confused fans with a birthday tribute to her father, which took quite the erroneous turn.

Since she is from Cuban descent, her parents are Eva Pérez Suárez and Juan Carlos Méndez and she was born Eva de la Caridad Méndez, which translates to "Eva of Charity," she wrote her tribute in Spanish, but it appears Instagram was not ready for her slang.

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Eva took to Instagram to share an adorable black-and-white throwback snapshot of her and her father, in which they are seen drinking beers while she looks straight ahead and he is near whispering something in her ear.

While certainly sweet, it did not achieve the desired intention, and her fans who understand Spanish were left in hysterics while those who don't were left seriously confused, after Instagram credited her as telling her father thanks for "not [expletive] much," as well as thanking him for her "polka-dot."

The original tribute read: "Feliz cumpleaños Papi," and: "Gracias por tu apoyo, gracias por tu cariño y también por mi lunar. Y gracias por no joderme mucho."

The tribute had an unexpected effect and reaction

A more accurate translation would be: "Happy birthday papi, thank you for your support, thank you for your love, and also for my mole. And thank you for not annoying me so much."

While many fans complimented her perfect Spanish, the last bit is what messed things up for her, with Instagram translating "lunar" to polka-dot rather than mole, and Spanish slang "joder" to a vastly different –and explicit – term, as opposed to its usual meaning, which is to annoy or bother.

Eva frequently highlights her Cuban culture and fluent Spanish

They took to the comments to express both their confusion and laughter over the situation, writing: "I cannot read Spanish but the Instagram translation made me chuckle," and: "Confused because of the last line…" as well as: "This is too funny."

Nonetheless, it was the very same sentence that made her Spanish-speaking followers appreciate the tribute the most, with many noting they should also thank their dads for not bothering them as much as dads can.

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