Eva Longoria, 46, Shows Off Killer Glutes In Leggings And Sports Bra For New Workout Video

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Eva Longoria, 46, has shared a clip of her first leg workout of 2022, and to say she smashed it is an understatement. The Desperate Housewives star took to Instagram with the video, showing herself nailing a killer combo of goblet squats, curtsy lunges, crab walks, single leg glute bridges, hip thrusts, cable kickbacks, and step ups. She captioned it: ‘First leg day of the year.’

Impressed? Us too. Besides her super strength though, we were also overjoyed to see Eva proving the power of a resistance band. It’s a mini but mighty piece of kit with more benefits that we can keep count of, including the fact that they’re quite possibly the most affordable bit of equipment out there. This Ultra Fitness buy will set you back just £1.99.

It comes in three colourways and two sizes (for more or less resistance) and does everything you need it to – increase strength like Eva, or work on your mobility and flexibility. It’s also rated 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon – pretty good going.

Several of Eva’s fans are apparently keen to (or have already) given the routine a try, too. One commented: ‘This is no joke workout,’ while another wrote, ‘Workout goals,’ and a third agreed: ‘I’m stealing this workout!’

Eva also has her trainer Grant Roberts on hand for advice and motivation, but if you’re down to give a resistance band workout a go, you can find more info via our guide.

And when it comes to achieving results, here are some final words of wisdom from Eva: ‘It’s honestly just being committed to a goal,' she told US Weekly, while in another interview with People, she added: ‘Everybody thinks there's some kind of secret to looking good, but it's not a secret. It's diet and exercise.’


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