Eva Green wins court case over collapsed movie A Patriot

Eva Green has won her High Court case over the collapse of the sci-film A Patriot.

The French actress filed a lawsuit against the film production company White Lantern and financiers Sherborne Media Finance claiming that she was owed her $1 million (£800,000) fee for the failed movie, which she was due to star in and executive produce.

In a countersuit, White Lantern and Sherborne argued that Green breached her contract by purposefully derailing the movie and was therefore not entitled to her fee.

In a judgement on Friday, Justice Michael Green ruled in her favour, stating that the Casino Royale star was entitled to her fee. He also dismissed the counterclaim.

"In particular, I find that Ms. Green did not renounce her obligations under the artist agreement; nor did she commit any repudiatory breaches of it," the judge ruled, according to PA.

In a lengthy statement released after the ruling, Green celebrated her legal victory.

"My professional reputation has been upheld," she stated. "The Judge has found that I was never in breach of my contractual obligations. The judgement is clear. I am grateful to the Court, to the Judge, to my legal team and to my valiant agent who is my strength and my shield."

She claimed she "fought tooth and nail" to defend A Patriot and accused the producers and financiers of trying to use her "as a scapegoat to cover up their own mistakes". Turning her attention to the press coverage of the case, she admitted she felt "set upon by hounds" after some of her personal messages were read out during the trial at London's High Court in January.

"I found myself misrepresented, quoted out of context and my desire to make the best possible film was made to look like female hysteria. It was cruel and it was untrue," she continued.

"To have my personal life dragged through the press and the court was more painful and damaging than I can say. Which is why I want to thank those kind people who, when I was being vilified by the press, supported me, on social media and on other platforms."