Zendaya's Euphoria Nomination Is All the More Reason to Look Back on the Show's Style

Sarah Wasilak

If you want a lesson on incredible dressing tactics, watch one episode of Euphoria. Costume designer Heidi Bivens sorted through plenty of vintage pieces and even customized some looks for the HBO series. Each character's wardrobe strikes the perfect balance between popular nostalgic trends and self expression, resulting in episodes where storylines are very much illustrated by the clothes.

"I was looking at real teens. I would go to high schools - not to be a creep - but I'd sit outside and watch teens when they would get out of school, just to see what was really going on with how they dress, how they have access to clothes,and where they shop," Bivens told Fashionista.

She even reached out to brands she was interested in featuring via Instagram, and DMing worked like magic. Actresses Zendaya - who was just nominated for her first Emmy for the series! - and Hunter Schafer collaborated on their looks with Bivens, both of them having strong ties to the fashion industry. Jules' playful pastels and Maddy's daisy-covered Miaou set were enough to spark my own outfit planning, so I can only imagine how many of these characters have become style icons.

Show creator Sam Levinson even admitted that was his intention. "He said that by the time people had seen the first season, he wanted girls to be able to see someone wearing an outfit on the street and say, 'Oh, that's so Maddy.'" It's a good thing he enlisted Bivens to help him out. Read on for a description of each character's signature look, shop some inspired pieces, and stay tuned for the Emmy Awards to cheer on the entire Euphoria team on Sunday, Sept. 20.


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