Euphoria fans are obsessed with these two characters following second episode

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Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Euphoria season 2 is slowly taking over the internet, with fans sharing opinions on *everything*, from the series' most intense scenes, to the joke everyone is making about two particular characters. Plus, they've even realised that two cast members are actually related in real life (who knew?).

Now, following the series' second episode, fans are sharing the love once again - and this time they're obsessed with one specific pair of characters, even manifesting for them to become an actual couple on the show.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

While there's plenty of love and lust circling the world of Euphoria, episode two saw a new romance potentially arriving on the horizon. The duo in question: Lexi (Maude Apatow) and Fez (Angus Cloud), after Lexi seemingly caught feelings following her chat with Fez on New Year's Eve.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Reacting to the episode, fans have already been sharing their obsession with Fez and Lexi on Twitter, and they're wishing for the show to include a relationship between the pair.

One viewer wrote, "Manifesting Fez and Lexi to be a couple in S2," while another gushed, "Just look at how Lexi and Fez look at each other..."

Meanwhile, some fans were already sharing theories about what could be set to happen between the pair, with one writing, "Lexi is going to be the catalyst for Fezco’s demise, that’s my prediction. The evidence for my stance, Fez’s grandma: 'Don’t ever fall in love, it’s one instinct you can’t trust.'" Interesting.

What's more, it seems like there could indeed be hope for Fez and Lexi, with Fez actor Angus Cloud previously discussing a potential match between the pair. Asked why they might be interested in each other, he told Entertainment Weekly, "Well, I don't know. I think that they come from very different worlds, and that's somewhat universally an attractive thing, when someone comes from such a different world and has such different experiences than someone else. It's just new, and it's interesting."

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