Erm, You Can Now Get Mince Pie Flavoured Walkers Crisps

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It’s not even December yet, and already we can’t stop talking about/thinking about/writing about/stuffing our faces with festive foods.

As well as supermarkets launching their Christmas ranges, and McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks and Greggs offering up a taste of the festive season with their new Christmas ranges, some of our favourite brands have been giving their iconic products a festive makeover. Like Walkers for examples…

Walkers has just launched a range of festive crisps, and we like the sound of a couple of them. But we must admit, one of them seems a little, erm, out there.

Walkers crisps now come in pigs and blankets flavour, as well as roast potato flavours. Yummy, right? But what about mince pie flavoured Walkers? Are we sure about that, guys?

Yes, we love Walkers crisps. And sure, mince pies are banging. But do we definitely need to combine the two? We guess the only way to know for sure if we’re into mince pie flavoured crisps is to give them a try.

So join us in picking up the Walkers Christmas range in supermarkets now!

Speaking of festive crisps, have you given Co-op’s Gravy Puffs a go yet? These tasty little maize snacks are basically gravy flavoured Wotsits, and we sure as hell don’t have a problem with that.

New to Co-op for Christmas 2021, these Gravy Puffs are described by Co-op as being “light maize crisps, which will really satisfy those who love gravy on their Christmas dinner.” So, everyone then, yeah? And better still, they’re vegan!

You can pick up a sharebag of Co-op’s Gravy Puffs in stores right now for £1.

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