Erm, Lidl Has Launched A Wasabi Ice Cream And It’s All Very Confusing

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It’s happened, people. Summer has officially arrived, and we could not be more ready for it. After the coldest April and May on record for years, we think we deserve one hell of a summer filled with ice-cold cocktails and bucket-loads of ice cream.

But what flavour ice cream will you be reaching for? Strawberry? Chocolate? Heck, maybe even Neapolitan? But what about wasabi? Yup – wasabi ice cream exists and it’s coming to a Lidl store near you!

Lidl’s new Vitasia Ice Cream in Wasabi Wonder flavour is here to confuse and delight you at the same time. According to Lidl, this new ice cream “pairs the freshness of warming wasabi flavouring with velvety smooth ice cream and is perfect to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon or after dinner treat.”

Photo credit: Lidl
Photo credit: Lidl

Hmmmm, we’re still not 100% convinced. You? But we guess there’s only one way to find out if you’re in to wasabi ice cream or not, and that’s pop down your local Lidl and hand over £1.99…

But seriously, if that’s not your idea of a good time, Lidl’s Vitasia ice cream also comes in Ginger Lemon flavour, which sounds dreamy.

You can pick up both tubs of ice cream from Lidl as of tomorrow (3 June).

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