Erm… Apparently We’ve Been Using Ketchup Sachets Wrong This Whole Time

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Photo credit: @ameliaholdsworth/Getty
Photo credit: @ameliaholdsworth/Getty

What would we do without TikTok? Would we have ever known what those coloured circles on crisp packets mean? Would we have ever sampled the delight that is baked feta pasta? And would we have ever thought to put mustard on watermelon. Probably not, tbh.

The latest way TikTok has enriched our lives is by politely letting us know that we’ve been using ketchup sachets wrong this whole time.


TikTok user @ameliaholdsworth has shared a video, which has opened our eyes to something so simple, we’re just not sure how’s we’ve gone this long without coming across it. But hey, maybe it’s just us, and you’ve actually been doing this for years…

Anyhoo, Amelia has shared a video of her eating chips and ketchup, but instead of tearing the top off the ketchup sachet and squeezing it out on to a plate or whatever it is that’s holding her chips, Amelia simply dips the chip directly in to the ketchup.

Like… WHAT?! Why have we never done this before? It saves so much mess!

Like we said, maybe you guys have been doing this for years, but we haven’t. And seeing as the video has been viewed more than 4 million times and had 163k likes so far, we’re guessing we’re not the only ones learning about this for the first time.

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