Eric Trump roasted for using pictures of campaign rally crowd sizes to suggest ‘polls are wrong'

Matt Mathers
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'The polls are wrong,' claims president's son (AFP via Getty Images)
'The polls are wrong,' claims president's son (AFP via Getty Images)

President Donald Trump's second son Eric has been mocked online after claiming that the polls for November's election are "wrong".

Posting to Twitter on Tuesday, the executive vice president of the Trump Organisation offered no evidence for his claim.

Instead, he posted a picture from one of his father's campaign rallies, next to an image captured at a Joe Biden event.

The image from the Trump rally shows thousands of supporters crammed together at an airport, with Air Force One featuring prominently in the background.

The brightly-coloured, high-resolution and professional-looking image is in stark contrast to the cell-phone picture shot at Mr Biden's socially distanced drive-in rally in Ohio on Monday.

In the photo, Mr Biden can be seen addressing a small number of supporters who had shown up to hear him speak at a gloomy and wet looking looking car park.

Well-informed Twitter users, however, were quick to unravel Eric Trump's argument that the differing crowd sizes were evidence the polls are wrong.

Mr Biden has deliberately kept attendances at his campaign rallies low in a bid to help stop the spread of coronavirus, which has claimed some 216,000 US lives.

"Pictures don’t prove a thing," said one Twitter user. "Biden practising social distancing, daddy creating super-spreader events."

Another said: "Joe chooses not to kill people. I like presidents who don't kill people just so their fragile egos get stroked."

"Keep telling yourself that," another said in response to Eric Trump's claim. "There are quite a few of us that don’t feel the need to go to obnoxious rallies.

"We don’t need a reality tv president. And we’re ok with Joe being careful & respecting the sanctity of health & life. So..."

Mr Trump has held several rallies attended by thousands of people, many of whom did not wear face masks or stick to social distancing guidelines.

At least one person who attended a rally in Minnesota last month is in an intensive care unit after contracting the disease.

Most major polls tracking the 2020 race for the White House give Mr Biden, 77, a huge lead over the president, with one survey putting the margin as high as 17 points.

Mr Trump, 74, will be looking to claw back some ground as the campaign heads into its final weeks. But his aggressive style continues to put off suburban women, whose support the president begged for on Tuesday night.

He is also failing to win over senior voters who disapprove of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Behind in six of the eight key swing states, Mr Trump faces an uphill battle in hanging onto the Oval Office.

Mr Trump defied all the odds to beat Democrat Hilary Clinton in 2016. But all the evidence suggests he has too much to do this time around.

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