Erewhon's New Smoothie Tastes Like Sunscreen — In a Good Way

Note: It will not protect you from the sun.

<p>Food & Wine / Erewhon</p>

Food & Wine / Erewhon

Erewhon is known for a lot of things in Los Angeles — namely, for being absurdly expensive and a place to see and be seen. But the cult grocery chain is also known for having absolutely delicious smoothies that you just can't hate because they are simply that good. While Erewhon usually makes headlines for its celebrity partner smoothies (see: Hailey Bieber's Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie), it's now making waves for a smoothie that tastes like … sunscreen. But in a good way.

In early June, Erewhon announced its newest smoothie collab, the Vacation "Sunscreen" Smoothie, which is inspired by the sunscreen brand Vacation and its Classic SPF 30 Lotion.

"The Vacation 'Sunscreen' Smoothie is a nostalgic summer smoothie, blending five organic coconut-based ingredients to craft a creamy tropical flavor," the company explains in the details section of its newest smoothie. "Enhanced with a hint of sea salt and blue spirulina, it's designed to transport you to the beach with every sip."

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Like other Erewhon smoothies, this one is served in a 12-ounce cup. It retails for just $9, which is an absolute, hands-down steal for this place. (For reference, Kendall Jenner's Peaches and Cream Smoothie is going for $23, while Bieber's is $19.) Even better, the Vacation smoothie is completely free for Erewhon members through June 14.

"We cannot emphasize enough the dedication and craftsmanship that went into developing this sunscreen-inspired delicacy," Vacation wrote in the Instagram caption announcing the new smoothie. "With five different variations of coconut (coconut water, coconut milk, coconut soft serve, coconut meat, and coconut whipped cream), it goes without saying that this beverage offers a rich, delicious flavor that is nothing short of paradise itself."

Though it sounds like a dreamy summertime smoothie, Vacation was quick to note in a press release that it's um, not a sunscreen substitute.

"While inspired by Vacation's 'World's Best-Smelling Sunscreen' scent, this smoothie does not, in fact, protect your skin from the sun," the release states. "For that, please find a suitable Vacation Brand 'Leisure-Enhancing' sunscreen in your local Erewhon's suncare aisle." Which will run you another $16. 

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